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Typical Semester Costs for Resident Students

Our tuition is on the low end of the national average for private colleges and is even competitively priced when compared to some state schools. But if you’re concerned that tuition at Florida College is too expensive, know that all students who demonstrate need receive financial help. We want you to study here, and we’ll work with you to make it happen. Below, you will find the typical or average semester cost for a resident student. This details the base cost for one semester, excluding sales tax, books, supplies, course and other fees, travel, personal expenses, or miscellaneous charges. For students who have federal financial aid and withdraw from the college, please view the policy for Return of Title IV Funds.

Detailed Cost and Fees

Listed below are student costs per semester, unless otherwise stated. All students are assessed tuition and fees on a semester basis. Except for tuition, room and board, all rates given are subject to change without notice.

Average Load (12-16 hours) $8,530
Less Than 12 Hours $710 per credit hour
More Than 16 Hours $493 per credit hour
Course Fees
Art $90
Change of Course Fee $15
Computer Lab (per credit hour) $40
Private Music Lessons (one per week) $175
Private Music Lessons (two per week) $290
Piano Class $140
Voice Class $140
Physical Education (Aerobics, Golf, Weightlifting) $95
Science Lab (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) $120
Examination Fees
Final Given Off-Schedule $30
Standardized Test Fee $50
Housing and Dining
Dorm Room $3,000
Security Deposit (Non-Resident Student) $100
Security Deposit (Resident Student) $150
Meal Plan (Standard) $1,845
Application Fee $50
Reporting Late for Orientation $50
Activity, Technology and Security Fees (Resident Student) $500
Activity, Technology and Security Fees (Non-Resident Student) $420
Parking Permit – Two Semesters (Resident) $150
Parking Permit – One Semester (Resident) $75
Parking Permit – Two Semesters (Non-Resident) $100
Parking Permit – One Semester (Non-Resident) $50
Graduation Fee (diploma, cap, gown, etc.) $90
Returned Checks $35
Request for Official Transcript (Paper) $12
Request for Official Transcript (Electronic) $11.25

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