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Florida College offers high school students the opportunity to enroll in college-level courses that can apply toward high school graduation requirements and easily transferable college credit. Our dual enrollment offerings give high school students the opportunity to prepare for a future of deep learning.

Our Dual Enrollment courses have been developed by Christian faculty members who understand the importance of integrating faith and learning. While our offerings are limited in number, they were selected to be academically rigorous and to ensure that they provide students an authentic college-level course experience while the students are fully involved in their high school activities.

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Online Course Offerings

Florida College offers several online courses in which Dual Enrollment students may participate. Dual Enrollment courses are available in an online format only. Courses have specific weekly due dates but have no required group meetings. Available courses will vary by semester. Dual enrollment students interested in the Spring 2022, Fall 2022 or Spring 2023 terms may enroll in the following online courses. Click on each course for further information.

Fall 2022: Dates TBD

Introduces students to the visual arts from the Ancient times through the Gothic Period, with a look at global arts, as well.   It is a survey of painting, sculpture, architecture, and related art forms created by western cultures and global arts. This course provides a chronological survey of the major art from the early Bible times until- end of the 12th century & a look at the global arts from other cultures.  Gordon Rule – 3000 words. (3 credit hours)

Prerequisites: Minimum score of 17 on the English and 18 on the Reading areas of the ACT, or 440 on SAT
Verbal, or grade of “C” or above in ENC 0020

Expository writing emphasizing paragraph and essay development, and introduction to research. Gordon Rule – 6000 words. (3 credit hours)

Prerequisites: Two years of high school algebra and MAT 1033 or a satisfactory score on the mathematics portion of the ACT/SAT/CLT.

This course provides students an opportunity to gain algebraic knowledge needed in many different fields such as engineering, business, education, science, computer technology, and mathematics. Graphical, numerical, symbolic, and verbal methods support the study of functions and their corresponding equations and inequalities. Students will study linear, quadratic, rational, exponential, logarithmic, inverse, composite, radical, and absolute value functions; systems of equations and inequalities modeling applied problems; and curve fitting techniques. There will be extensive use of graphing calculators. (3 credit hours)

A survey of music and influential composers from early forms to contemporary compositions. The aims of the course are to widen the musical horizons and receptivities and to develop discrimination. Recorded music is used extensively for listening. No formal musical background is prerequisite. Humanities Credit for graduation. Gordon Rule–3000 words. (3 credit hours)

SPN 1120 is open to students who have had no previous work in Spanish or who are recommended for this class based on the placement examination. Study includes pronunciation, elementary conversation, reading, and composition. The reading selections provide information about the Spanish-speaking people and their culture.  (4 credit hours)

A course for non-science majors which surveys various topics in biology in relation to human concerns. The topics
include the organization of living matter, cells and life, genetics, ecology, and a brief survey of viruses and living
organisms. (3 credit hours)

Spring 2023: Dates TBD

Introduces students to the visual art periods from the early Renaissance to the present. It is a survey of painting, sculpture, architecture, and related art forms created by western cultures and artists. This course provides a chronological survey of the major movements of art from the 14th century until today. No prerequisites required. Gordon Rule – 3000 words. (3 credit hours)

Prerequisite: Grade of “C” or above in ENC 1101
A continuation of ENC 1101, including a major research paper and analytical and persuasive writing of one or more of
the following types: analytical essays, critical reviews of nonfiction and/or fiction, persuasive essays, and summaries or
paraphrases. Gordon Rule – 6000 words. (3 credit hours)

SPN 1121 is a continuation of the first semester course, SPN 1120. (4 credit hours)

Prerequisites: MAC 1105 or a satisfactory score on the mathematics portion of the ACT/SAT/CLT.

Descriptive statistics; basic probability principles, discrete and continuous probability distributions: binomial, normal, t, and chi-square; point estimation, confidence limits, and hypothesis testing. Emphasis will be placed on applications from education, life science, social science, physical science, and business. (3 credit hours)

Prerequisite: Two years of high school algebra

A general science course designed to introduce the basic principles from each of the five major areas of the physical
sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Meteorology, Geology and Astronomy. This course will investigate motion, energy, heat, electricity, magnetism, the nucleus of the atom, the periodic table, chemical reactions, the atmosphere and
hydrosphere, the rock cycle, the solar system and the galaxies. The emphasis will be on the scientific method and its
application to real world problems. (3 credit hours)

Recommended Sequence and Florida High School Equivalencies

This is a recommended sequence, but courses may be taken in any order. High school students who follow the recommended sequence of Florida College dual enrollment course can enter Florida College with 26 college credits completed. If you live outside of Florida, check with your state for high school credit equivalencies. Click each semester below for more information or click the link to the right for the downloadable version. 


College Credit 

Florida High School Credit 

ARH 1050: Art History I  


MUL 1110 Introduction to Music Literature 

3 Hours of Humanities Credit 

0.5 Fine Arts Credit 


College Credit 

Florida High School Credit 

ARH 1051: Art History II 

3 Hours of Humanities Credit 

0.5 Fine Arts Credit 


College Credit 

Florida High School Credit 

MAC 1105: College Algebra 


3 Hours of Mathematics Credit 

1.0 Mathematics Credit 

SPN 1120: Elementary Spanish I 

4 Hours of Foreign Languages Credit 

1.0 World Languages Credit 



College Credit 

Florida High School Credit 

STA 2023: Introductory Statistics 


3 Hours of Mathematics Credit 

1.0 Mathematics Credit 

SPN 1121: Elementary Spanish II 

4 Hours of Foreign Languages Credit 

1.0 World Languages Credit 


College Credit 

Florida High School Credit 

ENC 1101: Freshman Compositions Skills I 


3 Hours of English Credit 

1.0 English Credit 


College Credit 

Florida High School Credit 

ENC 1102: Freshman Compositions Skills I 


3 Hours of English Credit 

1.0 English Credit 

Steps to Enroll in FC's Dual Enrollment Courses


Complete the Application for Dual Enrollment


Submit ACT/SAT/CLT scores, if required


Receive Dual Enrollment Permission from Your School Administrator

Applications for the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters are now open.  There is no application fee. Once a student’s application file is complete, they will be considered for admission and can expect email notification of admission and notification of course registration. Course enrollment is not guaranteed and is based on availability. 

The deadlines to submit a Dual Enrollment application for each term are as follows: 

      • Fall 2022 semester – August 15, 2022
      • Spring 2023 semester – January 3, 2023

Dual Enrollment classes follow the same pricing structure as our normal tuition. However, members of the Hutchinson Bell, students who have attended an FC Camp or a Falcon Days event are eligible for a preferred pricing rate. For a student enrolled in less than 12 credit hours, the normal tuition rate is $710/credit hour. For students who qualify for the preferred pricing rate, the tuition is just $80/credit hour. Please note, textbooks and lab fees are not included in this price. 

Please contact Colleen Engel or Beth Roth for more information regarding dual-enrollment pricing.

Please contact Carrie Black (blackc@floridacollege.edu) at the Florida College Bookstore for more information regarding textbook ordering.

The following requirements must be met to apply:

    • Be in 10th, 11th or 12th grade. High school students over the age of 21 are ineligible for participation in dual enrollment courses.  
    • Complete the Florida College application for dual enrollment.
    • Submit an ACT, SAT, or CLT score, if required.
    • Complete the Dual Enrollment Permission Form (school administrator permission). This form will be provided to the school administrator once the application is submitted.

The following requirements must be met for admission:

    • Minimum high school GPA of 3.0 (Unweighted)
    • For enrollment in certain courses, minimum test scores are required:
      • A minimum score of 450 on the SAT Critical Reading/Verbal and 500 on the SAT Math;
      • OR a minimum score of 17 on the ACT English, 18 on the ACT Reading, and 19 on the ACT Math;
      • OR a minimum score of 41 on the CLT Verbal Reasoning, and 17 on the CLT Quantitative Reasoning.
    • Permission from appropriate high school official (or parent, if home schooled)
  • Student must specify which course he/she is interested in taking on the Dual Enrollment Application.
  • Dual enrolled students may take a maximum of two courses per term. Additional courses will require the Academic Dean’s approval.
  • Dual enrolled students will not be eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities of the College.
  • Contact Beth Roth to enroll.
  • To remain dual enrolled, a student must maintain a 3.0 high school GPA and a 2.5 Florida College GPA.* 
  • Student’s high school must continue to grant permission and verify current high school GPA for all subsequent semesters enrolled in dual enrollment courses. 

*Note: If student earns a 2.0 GPA in their first dual enrollment term at Florida College and they were only enrolled in one dual enrollment course, an additional course may be taken to bring the GPA to a 2.5 average from the two courses. The student then must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA on all Florida College coursework. 

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