Pre-Acceptance Forms

In order to be officially considered for admission, you will need to submit a few more documents:

  • Test Scores (SAT/ACT) – Please submit either ACT or SAT scores. These scores will be used for course placement and for determining eligibility for academic scholarships. Information on submitting your scores can be found here.
  • Academic and Character References – Wait for an email from your admissions counselor requesting names and contact information for your academic and character references.
  • High School and College Transcripts – Be sure to send transcripts from any colleges or universities you have attended, even if no credit was earned or grades received. You will need to request that your school(s) mail an official copy of your transcript to us. Most schools require a small fee to be paid for mailing an official transcript.
  • Code of Conduct – You must agree to abide by the Florida College Code of Conduct. Both the student and a parent should sign the Code of Conduct form.