Admissions Team

Paul Casebolt

Director of Admissions

“I love the opportunity to serve and grow our amazing student body. I am impressed on an almost daily basis by the selfless, excited attitude they take towards their studies, both academic and spiritual and the way they work to be the kind of lights in the world that we read about in the Bible.”

Virginia Maness

Assistant Director of Admissions

“I know that even a friendly voice on the phone can make a difference. I want to be that for students and parents.”

Colleen Engel

Coordinator of Admissions Data

“Between 2004 and 2012 all three of my children attended Florida College. They had such great experiences, so I love being able to help other families join the Florida College family.”

Clay Soto

Coordinator of Recruitment

“In all the many ways I’ve been involved here, the number one thing I’ve noticed is how much this place can change someone. It changed me in many ways for the better, and now I’m excited to be working here and giving back.”

Lynnden Pearson

Admissions Counselor

“There is one word that describes my experience here at Florida College perfectly: opportunity. I have been given the opportunity to grow and develop spiritually and academically as a student, and now I am so excited I get the opportunity to help others grow and develop spiritually.”

Katie Thorpe

Admissions Counselor

“As a student, Florida College shaped my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined. I was constantly encouraged by professors, fellow students and other staff members who constantly put God first in all aspects of their lives. Now as an admissions counselor, I look forward to helping other students come to FC to have their own experience in this encouraging atmosphere.”

Megan Baird

Campus Visit Specialist

“My experience during my four years at Florida College provided me with many lifetime memories. I grew and matured in many areas of my life during my time at here. Now I consider it a blessing to be able to help future students make their dreams of coming to FC a reality.”

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