Band Scholarships

Each year, deserving students can apply for a band scholarship.


All application materials and auditions must be completed and postmarked by May 31 of the enrollment year. No exceptions.

Required Steps
(Jazz drummers with no concert band experience skip 2–4)
  1. Audition in person, mail/email a recording or provide a link to your performance.
  2. Play the following three scales as many octaves as possible: Concert Db major, Concert A major, and Concert C harmonic minor.
  3. Play the chromatic scale, covering the entire range of your instrument, by tonguing up and slurring down. (Articulations are for wind players only.)
  4. Play two etude or solo excerpts. One should demonstrate musicality and the other should showcase technical ability.
  5. Jazz drumset players should play all jazz-related styles that you know. This can include swing (fast, medium and slow), ballads (with brushes), rock, funk, and various forms of Latin.
  6. Submit a completed online scholarship application (below).
Optional (but beneficial) Steps
  1. Submit evidence of selection for an all-state, all-county, or all-district ensemble or of participation in a university honor group to which you were nominated by your director. Suitable evidence is a copy of a program, an official letter of notification or a letter from your high school director.
  2. Submit a letter of recommendation from your high school director.
Additional Information

The amount of a Band scholarship award is based on the following criteria: the applicant’s playing ability, the number of ensembles a student joins, the need for balanced instrumentation in the ensembles, the number of applicants and the amount of funds available.

Band scholarships are awarded for one academic year. Returning students can reapply for a scholarship every year. Students on academic probation or those placed on disciplinary probation after a suspension become ineligible to receive band scholarships.

Band Scholarship Application

  • Experience

  • Please list any instruments you play and the number of years you have been playing.

Start your application.

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