Communication, English & Language

Courses in communication are designed to create an appreciation for communication theory and practice, to develop communication skills and techniques such as persuasion and relational maintenance, and to promote best practices within the communication arts and sciences. Courses are designed to meet curriculum needs and the needs of those desiring to enter schools of advanced standing leading to a degree in the communication discipline.
The BA in Organizational Communication offers a flexible choice for students interested in the more communication-oriented jobs in the business discipline. The degree program combines the study of communication with select courses in business.

The English BA program provides students the opportunity to develop critical reading, thinking, analytical, and communication skills through the study of American, British, and world literatures, as well as English language studies. Students will explore and discuss writers and texts from a range of literary periods and genres, understand connections between works and their cultural and historical context, and improve research and expository skills. Students in this program have a unique opportunity to study writers and works with faculty who respect the biblical perspective and apply biblical principles to the analysis of those works, as well as learn fundamental techniques of literary analysis which will improve their own understanding of biblical texts. The English program helps students develop the thinking skills and values needed for careers in journalism, public relations, education, business, publishing, editing, and law and other graduate studies.

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