This program provides a fundamental understanding of the substance and context of business in a world that is highly competitive and dynamic. Courses are designed to cover a broad range of knowledge and skills in business administration. They include courses such as Principles of Marketing, Human Resource Management, Principles of Finance and Organizational Leadership.

Now more than ever before, today’s business market is becoming increasingly technology-driven. This specialization will prepare graduates for further work in website design and support, network configuration and more. The MIS specialization requires a minimum of 121 semester hours of academic work, including 48 hours of upper-division credit. The program requires five MIS-specialized courses in addition to the existing business administration core.

The interest in sport management and administration is growing rapidly, and this specialization provides extensive classroom skills and experience to prepare students for a career in the sports and recreation industry. Sport management courses include Facility and Event Management, Sports in American Society, and Sports Psychology. These upper-division courses are integrated with the core business administration required courses.

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