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History (BA)

Dr. Crispell, Program Coordinator

Studying the past, especially the history of the Western Civilization and the United States, is foundational to an American liberal arts education. Focusing on social values, political institutions, intellectual forces, religious movements, and individuals constituting our exceptional heritage comprises an academic endeavor simply essential to helping our students understand how all disciplines of learning are interrelated.

While this degree has traditionally been acknowledged as a strong foundation for teaching, studies in law and other professional fields, as well as museum and archival work, it also equips students for work and service in other fields. The development of analytical and critical thinking, as well as research, writing and oral communication skills—so central to scholarly life and, certainly, to the completion of this degree program— are just as valuable for employment outside the academy.

Entrance Requirements

Entrance requirements include completion of the general education core and successful completion of either AMS 4811 or AMS 4812. The academic background and preparation of each potential major is carefully considered, and an interview or writing sample may be required.

Total Semester Hours

Candidates for the BA in History must complete at least 120 semester hours of accredited college work, excluding physical education activities courses. At least 51 hours must be completed at the 3000-4000 level, including major, minor, and elective courses.

General Education Requirements

Each student must complete the 36-hour general education core, three (3) hours of physical education classes, and the CAAP exam. Two semesters of foreign language are required. (Transfer students who have completed at least 60 semester hours, including courses that satisfy the 36-hour general education core at Florida College, will not be required to take the CAAP or PE activities courses.)

Language Requirement

The History major requires that a student complete two semesters of a foreign language.

Daily Bible Requirement

All students living on campus and off-campus students enrolled in more than six credit hours must take a Biblical Literature course each day that they take classes on the Florida College campus. For history majors this requirement may not be fulfilled with pass/fail courses.

Requirement for the Major in History

History majors will complete the 12 hours of history prerequisites, 30 hours of 3000-4000 history courses, and an approved minor area of study. While prerequisite course work may include transfer or AP/CLEP credit, all required upper division course work in History must be completed at Florida College.

Prerequisites (12 hours)
  • AMH 2010 American History: 1607-1865
  • AMH 2020 American History: 1865-present
  • EUH 1000 Western Civilization: Beginnings-1660
  • EUH 1001 Western Civilization: 1660-present
Required Core Courses (9 hours)
Both of the following:
  • AMS 4811 American Intellectual History: 1607-1865
  • AMS 4812 American Intellectual History: 1865-present
One of the following:
  • AMH 4172 Civil War (Senior Seminar)
  • AMH 4254 America and the Second World War (Senior Seminar)
  • EUH 4453 Age of the French Revolution and Napoleon
  • HIS 4930 Selected Topics (2 courses maximum)
Core Electives (21 hours)
Select any seven (7) of the following courses:
  • AMH 3130 Revolutionary Era, 1765-1789
  • AMH 3170 The American Civil War and Reconstruction
  • AMH 3201 Theodore Roosevelt’s America, 1880-1912
  • AMH 3270 Post-1945 America
  • AMH 3510 U.S. Diplomatic History, 1765-1898
  • AMH 3543 The Pacific War
  • AMH 3621 History of Christianity in America
  • AMH 3622 History of the Restoration Movement
  • AMH 4172 The Civil War Era, 1861-1865
  • AMH 4254 America and the WWII Experience, 1939-1945
  • AMS 4905 Directed Study in American History
  • ASH 3230 History of the Middle East
  • EUH 3245 Europe from 1914 to 1945
  • EUH 3401 History of the Greek World
  • EUH 3411 History of the Roman World
  • REL 3503 Church History: Ancient and Medieval
  • REL 3504 Church History: Reformation and Modern
  • EUH 4453 Age of the French Revolution and Napoleon

Each student must complete an approved minor in an area of study other than History. Minors available for History majors include the following areas: Biblical Studies; Christian Apologetics; Church History/Religious Thought; Biblical Languages; Behavioral Science; Business; Communication; Education; English; Humanities; Music; and Old Testament.

Quality of Work

A minimum quality point average of 2.5 overall and on all upper level work is required.


Students must complete a minimum of 36 hours of their upper level work at Florida College in order to receive the BA in History. For all students, on-line course work is not permitted unless express permission is granted by the department chair.

Graduation Ceremony

Candidates for the BA in History must participate in graduation exercises.

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