Social & Behavioral Science

The society in which we live and serve is constantly changing. Within a dynamic world, developing context and perspective, along with very practical abilities valuable in a variety of professional pursuits, is essential. From business and industry, to government and military service, a degree in history or American civilization builds a valuable framework of experience and skills as vital for law school, research and teaching, as for the corporate board room. Understanding the past with a biblical perspective is essential for good citizens; honing critical and analytical thinking, along with effective writing and oratorical ability, allow better opportunity for that good citizenship to be put into practice to help make a better world.

Studying the past, especially the history of the western civilization and the United States, is foundational to an American liberal arts education. The American civilization concentration is an interdisciplinary program of study that focuses on the growth of the American republic, beginning with studies in Greek and Roman civilization, and aims to ground students in the values and virtues of our American civilization, animating its basic elements and solidifying its foundations.

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