Nursing (BSN)


A first-year student who wishes to apply to the BSN program, will have to complete all prerequisite courses and is encouraged to complete all distribution courses for the baccalaureate degree program prior to applying for admission to the upper division BSN program.


Students transferring from another institution for the BSN option who do not meet admissions requirements, can enroll in the pre-nursing program to complete pre-requisites.

Admission to the Program as Junior
Full consideration for admission is assured to applications submitted by February 1 prior to the desired fall semester of entering the nursing program. All nursing applications are subject to review by a nursing committee.
  1. Applicants to the nursing program must have junior standing of at least 60 credits, not including PE credits, and a cumulative GPA of 2.7, with a minimum grade of 2.0 or higher in all prerequisite courses. Preference will be given to students with higher GPAs and current students attending Florida College. Students must be in good academic standing, not on alert or probation for academic reasons.
  2. Students who have been admitted to Florida College, including pre-nursing applicants, must also complete a nursing application to be considered for the nursing program. Full consideration for admission is assured for applications submitted by February 1, prior to the desired fall semester of entering the nursing program. Proof of the following is required for full acceptance to the nursing program:
    1. Current immunizations required
    2. Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers Certification
    3. Criminal History Information Background Inquiry Check
    4. The Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based test (TOEFLiBT) is required for all not-licensed nursing applicants with English as a second language.
    5. Admission to Florida College
    6. Liability and malpractice insurance prior to start of clinical experiences.
Transfer into the Program
  1. Transfer students will have their transcripts evaluated by the registrar and the director of the department before being considered for admission to the program.
    1. Transfer students will need to submit transcripts for all prior college credits that adequately meet program standards for GPA and prerequisite courses (see program requirements below). Determination of adequacy will be communicated to the candidate upon review by the admissions committee.
    2. In most cases, credit for nursing courses at other schools will not transfer.
    3. If transfer is approved, the student will take the freshman Bible sequence in their junior year. After which, the student can take any sequence of Bible coursework in their senior year. Students transferring in will not be required to fulfill the lower-division of Bible coursework required of a freshman pre-nursing student.
    4. A campus visit is highly recommended but not required.

Major Map

  • MCB 2000C Microbiology
  • MAC 1105 College Algebra or higher level college math not counting statistics
  • STA 2023 Statistics
  • BSC 2085C Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BSC 2086C Human Anatomy and Physiology II
  • CHM 1032C Chemistry for Allied Health – prereq is MAC 1105
  • ENC 1101 Freshman Comp I
  • ENC 1102 Freshman Comp II
  • PSY 1012 General Psychology
  • DEP 2045 Lifespan Psychology
  • SPC 1608 Speech
  • COM 2000 communication with permission of faculty
Other Required Courses
  • HUN 2201 Fundamentals of Human Nutrition – prereq is CHM 1032C
  • PHI 3633 Introduction to Biomedical Ethics
  • NUR 3145 Pharmacological Therapeutics and Dosage Calculations
  • NUR 3066L Clinical Application/Physical Assessment/Nursing Skills
  • NUR 3535C Mental Health Nursing and Clinical
  • NUR 3218C Adult Medical Surgical Nursing
  • NUR 3226C Nursing Fundamentals and Clinical
  • NUR 3285 Gerontology
  • NUR 4635C Population/Community Health and Clinical/Fieldwork
  • NUR 4467C Maternal/Family Nursing/Pediatrics and Clinical
  • NUR 4165 Scholarly Inquiry: Connecting Research to Practice
  • NUR 4227C Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing
  • NUR 4827 Leadership in Nursing
  • NUR 4945C Transition to Professional Practice/Combined Didactic and Clinical
Please see the college catalog to review program requirements.

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