Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Florida College

Since 1946, Florida College has been dedicated to providing students with an education that is founded on Biblical principles. A nursing program would prepare Florida College students to serve their Creator and humanity in a completely new and different way.

The Bachelor of Science (BSN) program is a four-year program (two years of prerequisite courses) designed for students with no previous preparation in nursing. Current students, fall 2019 enrollment, and incoming freshmen, fall 2020 enrollment, will be ideally situated to join the program, in addition to students with their associate degrees.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Employment Projections 2016-2026, registered nursing (RN) is listed among the top occupations in terms of job growth through 2026. The registered nurse workforce is expected to grow from 2.9 million in 2016 to 3.4 million in 2026. According the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “employment of registered nurses is projected to grow 12 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations.”

Nursing Program Mission Statement

The mission of the nursing program is to educate nurse generalists to optimize the health and wellness of diverse communities. The faculty are committed to developing reflective, caring students who demonstrate professional behavior and commitment to lifelong learning. Students will be challenged to become responsible decision-makers providing Christian leadership as professional nurses accountable for their actions.

Quality Program

“I love being a nurse, and I love that nursing is known as one of the most trusted professions in the United States. I wish there would have been a nursing program at Florida College when I was in training. Offering a nursing program that embraces the mission of Florida College will definitely ensure a future of uniquely ethical nurses.”

Teena Byers Darnell ’79, DNP, RN

“What an exciting time for students attending Florida College to now have the opportunity to learn professional nursing through the B.S.N. program. Nursing is an excellent professional choice and offers many pathways that develop your career while allowing you the opportunity to enhance and enrich the lives of others.”

Judy Moore ’81, MSN, RN, OCN, NEA-BC

“I wish Florida College had a B.S.N. program when I was there. Nurses have great job security, and this allows students to work in so many different settings.”

Ethan Jamerson ’17, RN

Mission Fit

The nursing courses are integrated with the liberal arts curriculum, in addition to the Bible courses, to provide a comprehensive college experience designed to develop students spiritually, mentally, physically and socially for lives of service to their Creator and to humanity.

Christian Faculty

Dr. Minerva Holk, BSN, MSN, RN, EdD, graduated from Florida College in 1972 with her associate degree. She went on to pursue her bachelor of nursing at Murray State University and then master’s degree at Indiana University majoring in maternal/newborn and minoring in perinatology. She completed her doctorate in educational leadership with an emphasis in nursing education at the University of Washington and has taught at Olympic College for 25 years. Dr. Holk has an extensive background in maternal child health nursing, curriculum development, core ability implementation and community health. She has been consulting with Florida College since August 2019 and will be the chair of Florida College’s nursing program (pending SACS accreditation).

“The older I get, the more value I see in my time spent at Florida College, and I wish I could have stayed longer. I want that option to be available to current students who want to serve in the field of nursing. It’s an honor to spend the final years of my nursing career teaching at a mission driven institution.”

Dr. Minerva Holk ‘72

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