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Florida College is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music to offer the Bachelor of Arts in Music and the Bachelor of Science in Music Education. Contact NASM at 11250 Roger Bacon Drive, Suite 21, Reston, Virginia 20190-5248 or call (703)437-0700. The Music Education program is approved by the Florida Department of Education. Graduates from this program are eligible to apply for Music (Grades K-12) certification.

Entrance Requirements

Students who have been admitted to Florida College must also complete an application to be accepted into the major. The application process includes an audition/interview with the applied lesson faculty member(s) during the first week of principal-level lessons. Acceptance status as a music major will be provisional until the successful completion of two semesters of applied lessons, including juries indicating readiness to proceed to the next level and recital performance(s) each semester, and the successful completion of the first two semesters of Music Theory and Aural Theory with a grade of C or better. All music students must pass a barrier jury before being permitted to register for applied music lessons at the 3000 level. Transfer students will have their transcripts evaluated by the Registrar and the Chair of the Department before being admitted to the program.

Total Semester Hours
The Bachelor of Arts in Music requires at least 120 semester hours of accredited college work, excluding physical education activity courses. A typical four-year plan, including the general education core, the required music core of at least 57 hours, and physical education requirements, will range from 123 to 129 total hours.
General Education Requirements
Students must complete thirty-six (36) hours of general education requirements and three (3) hours of physical education classes as described in the Florida College catalog.
Special Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts in Music requires students to demonstrate competency in a foreign language. This requirement may be met by passing two semesters of the same language or by an approved competency examination (IB, CLEP or AP.)

All music majors are required to keep a portfolio of their musical activities, which will be checked at the end of each semester and before graduation. New students will receive instructions as to what must be included.

Registration for MUS 1010 Recital Attendance is required when a student registers for applied lessons.

Music Core

Music Theory
  • MUT 1111 Music Theory I
  • MUT 1112 Music Theory II
  • MUT 1241 Aural Theory I
  • MUT 1242 Aural Theory II
  • MUT 2116 Music Theory III
  • MUT 2117 Music Theory IV
  • MUT 2246 Aural Theory III
  • MUT 2247 Aural Theory IV
Music History
  • MUL 1110 Introduction to Music Literature
  • MUH 3211 History of Western Music I: Antiquity to 1700
  • MUH 3212 History of Western Music II: 1700 to 1900
  • MUH 4371 Music Since 1900
  • MUH 4633 Music in the United States
Applied Lessons (12 Hours)
  • Principal applied lessons for 2 hours credit per semester at the 1000-4000 level.
Senior Recital
  • Recital consisting of at least 30 minutes of music.
Major Ensembles

Students must enroll in the major ensemble that matches their principal instrument.

  • String players must be in String Ensemble.
  • Wind and percussion players must be in Wind Ensemble.
  • Vocalists must be in Chorus.
  • Pianists must be in Piano Ensemble.
  • Guitar majors may use Jazz Ensemble as their major ensemble.
Class Piano for Music Majors (if not a piano principal)
Students with prior piano lesson experience may take private instruction or pass a piano proficiency examination.
  • MVK 1111 Class Piano for Music Majors I
  • MVK 1112 Class Piano for Music Majors II
Voice Class (if not a voice principal)
  • MVV 1111 Voice Class
  • MUG 3104 Conducting I
  • MUG 4102 Conducting II
Music Technology
  • MUS 1360 Introduction to Music Technology
Recital Attendance
  • At least 6 semesters with a satisfactory grade.
Minor Requirements
A minor in Music consists of at least 22 hours including MUT 1111, 1112, 1241, 1242; MUL 1110; one (1) of the following: MUH 3211, 3212, 4371, 4633; 4 hours of applied lessons; and 2 hours of a major ensemble (Wind Ensemble, Chorus, Piano Ensemble or String Ensemble). MUS 1010 is required with all applied lessons. Other configurations of the minor may be developed in consultation with the Music Department Chair to fit the interests of the student.
Quality of Work
The Bachelor of Arts in Music requires a grade of C or above in all music courses, at least a 2.5 GPA in music courses, and a 2.25 GPA overall.
For the BA in Music, students must be in residence at Florida College for at least two semesters during the completion of 36 hours of upper division work including one year of applied music lessons and the senior recital.
Graduation Ceremony
Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts in Music must participate in graduation exercises. Exceptions may be approved only by the Academic Standards Committee.

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