The Bachelor of Arts in music at Florida College is a liberal arts degree that allows students to study a broad music curriculum while providing extensive opportunities for improving performance skills. In addition to the general education core, students will study music theory, music history, music technology and conducting. They can participate in ensembles, take piano and voice classes, and receive private lessons on their principal instrument or voice, culminating in a senior recital.

The Bachelor of Science in music education prepares students to meet state certification requirements for teaching music at all levels in schools. In addition to the general education core and required Bible classes, a music education major requires a music core consisting of music theory, music history, music technology, conducting, ensembles and private lessons on a principal instrument or voice. The professional education and music education courses include pre-internship field experiences in schools and culminate in a semester-long internship. Graduation requirements include passing grades on three Florida teacher certification exams: the General Knowledge Test, the Professional Education Exam and the Subject Area Exam for Music K–12.

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