Jazz Ensemble

The Florida College Jazz Ensemble performs many kinds of music including swing, Latin, rock and funk.  Whether you played these forms of music in high school or not, this ensemble is a great means for unique self-expression while exploring various popular styles.  Members must also be enrolled in Wind Ensemble, with the exception of vocalists and rhythm section players who have no concert band experience.


The academic credits from these classes count as electives toward graduation requirements.  Students can still participate in a Band ensemble without enrolling in it if they have already registered for 16 credits, in order to avoid the $470+ tuition fee for each credit hour above a semester load of 16 credits.  Participation will then not be reflected on a college transcript, unless a student is a music major.  A student can still receive a Band scholarship if they fully participate in a Band course without being enrolled in it.

How much time is required?
  • One-hour rehearsals—Wind Ensemble on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and Jazz Ensemble on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • We are able to have two to four weeks total each semester without rehearsals, due to the placement of calendar events.
  • There is no fund-raising nor individual performance exams.  Grading is based on participation, which is standard for most colleges.

Most Band students typically make the Dean’s List or Honor Roll. Band members also have time to be involved in many other activities such as yearbook, chorus, Friends, drama, sports and cheerleading.  Many are employed on or off campus.

Does the College have instruments I can use?
  • The larger and more expensive instruments are furnished by the College with no rental fee. 
  • Some smaller instruments and accessories are also available for students who do not own them or need an upgrade, also with no rental fee.
  • Reeds, oil, grease, mutes, sticks, mallets, etc. are also provided free-of-charge.
I haven’t practiced all summer. Will I have to try out?

Most students don’t play much during the summer.  After one or two weeks of rehearsing, Band members are easily “back into shape.”  There is currently no formal audition to be in the Bands, except for Jazz Ensemble rhythm section players.

For more information about the Jazz Ensemble, please contact Professor Brian Rainwater.

Band Scholarships

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