The fourfold aim of the general education Associate in Arts program at Florida College is to prepare students for the future — spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically. This philosophy develops naturally into a liberal studies program at the baccalaureate level. However, the Liberal Studies program at Florida College is designed to advance well beyond the general education requirements in preparing students for all areas of life, including family, church, and community, as well as for advancement in a variety of careers and academic programs. By emphasizing breadth of study rather than a single discipline, the Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Liberal Studies encourages students to develop a broad understanding of a variety of disciplines, while they cultivate the abilities to read perceptively, think critically, write precisely, and speak effectively. Liberal Studies majors acquire a deeper understanding of the past, of contemporary life, and of the relationship between the natural and social orders, from both an academic and a biblical perspective. They also develop an appreciation for the traditions of the past, the peoples of the present, the opportunities of the future, and the God who is over all.


Dr. Mark Bingham
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David's Story

David Bunting (B.A. ’12) is a third generation Florida College Falcon and member of Arete. His grandparents met during their time at Florida College, and his parents started dating while they were at Florida College as well…
The liberal studies program fosters the strengths both prospective employers and graduate and professional schools value in a liberal-arts degree: rigorous academics, critical thinking and effective communication. In addition, it encourages students to explore points of contact between disciplines and allows them to incorporate biblical perspectives into an academically challenging degree program. It preserves the foundational strengths of a liberal arts degree while preparing students for the flexibility demanded in today’s changing work environments, and it offers students an opportunity to distinguish themselves by choosing the honors curriculum. Beyond preparing students for future careers and further study, it equips them for more effective service in the community, the family and the church.
Students preparing for law school can customize an interdisciplinary program of study within the liberal studies program, selecting relevant upper-division courses in such disciplines as English, history and communication, as well as biblical literature. This degree offers students a rich and diverse liberal arts education that emphasizes critical thinking and communication skills.
Students preparing for medical school or professional training in other health fields can customize an interdisciplinary program of study within the liberal studies program, selecting relevant upper-division courses in such disciplines as health sciences and behavioral science, as well as biblical literature. This Bachelor of Arts degree program offers students a unique combination of flexibility as they prepare for the medical school application process and for the appropriate admissions examinations.

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