The Study of Money and Investments

The Finance degree program at Florida College is designed to educate students in foundational, business core, and business finance disciplines through relevant and rigorous academic and experiential learning opportunities. Foundational curriculum includes study of accounting, economics, behavioral science, math, communication, and technology. Core business curriculum includes study of management, finance, marketing, communication, small business, ethics, and international business. Concentrated finance curriculum includes in-depth study of practical applications of financial management in the areas of investment, real estate, and corporate finance. Successful completion of the Finance degree program at Florida College will provide students with a comprehensive education grounded in biblical principles, liberal arts education, rigorous practical relevance, and a viable path to career and advanced educational pursuits in business.

Skills Learned In This Program

Students will demonstrate proficient knowledge of foundational, core, and finance-specific subject curriculum.
Students will be able to collaborate with diverse teams to establish goals and achieve objectives.
Students will demonstrate technical knowledge, analytical skill, and creativity in problem analysis and proposals.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports growth in career fields related to business and financial operations occupations is projected to grow 8 percent from 2020 to 2030, about as fast as the average for all occupations, adding about 750,800 new jobs. [1]
Increased opportunities in finance-related careers are a driver for an increase in wellness-oriented students seeking degrees. The number of Business graduates in the workforce has been growing at a rate of 2.51% in 2019. [2]

Degree Coordinator

Dr. Brian Gilliam

Potential Careers

Financial Analyst
Investment Analyst
Financial Manager
Personal Financial Advisor
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Executive Officer

Interested in Finance?


General Education

Biblical Knowledge, Content Knowledge, Content Skills, Behavior, Communication, Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving
variousBible (FA/SP)18
ENC 1101Freshman Comp I (FA/SP)3
ENC 1102Freshman Comp II (FA/SP)3
variousHumanities (including LIT 2371)6
MAC 1105College Algebra or higher (FA/SP)3
variousNatural Science w/ Lab (FA/SP)8
PSY 1012General Psychology / Behavioral (FA/SP)3
SPC 1108Public Speaking (FA/SP)3
variousPhysical Education3
STA 2023Statistics (FA/SP)3

Total 53

Business Foundation Courses

Content Knowledge, Content Skills, Analysis, Behavior, Communication, Technology
ACG 2001Financial Accounting (FA)3
ACG 2011Managerial Accounting (SP)3
CGS 2100Computer Applications in Business (FA/SP)3
ECO 2013Macroeconomics (FA)3
ECO 2023Microeconomics (SP)3
FIN 2100Personal Finance (FA/SP)3
GEB 1011Introduction to Business (FA/SP)3

Total 21

Business Core Courses

Biblical principles, Content Knowledge, Analysis, Behavior, Collaboration, Communication, Ethics, Leadership
FIN 3403Principles of Finance (FA)3
GEB 3213Communication in Business (FA/SP)3
MAN 3025Principles of Management (FA/SP)3
MAN 3600International Business (FA)3
MAN 3802Entrepreneurship & Small Business Mgt (SP)3
MAN 4701Business Ethics and Society (SP)3
MAR 3023Principles of Marketing (FA/SP)3

Total 21

Finance Major Courses

Biblical Principles, Content knowledge, Analysis, Behavior, Collaboration, Communication, Ethics, Leadership
BUL 3320Law and Business I3
FIN 4453Financial Modeling and Analytics (new course)3
FIN 4504Principles of Investments (new course)3
FIN 4443Financial Policies and Strategies (new course)3
FIN 4xxxPrinciples of Real Estate Finance (new course)3
FIN 4940Finance Internship (FA/SP/SU) (new course)3
MAN 4720Strategic Management (Capstone)3

Total 21

122 Total Hours

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