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Organizational Communication (BA)

Dr. Johnson, Program Coordinator

Aims of the Communication Program

The BA in Organizational Communication offers a flexible choice for students interested in the more communication-oriented jobs in the business discipline. The degree program combines the study of communication with select courses in business.

Total Semester Hours

Candidates for the degree must complete at least 120 semester hours of accredited college work, excluding physical education activities courses. At least 50 hours must be completed at the 3000-4000 level.

Prerequisites (9 hours)
  • COM 2000 Introduction to Communication
  • GEB 1011 Introduction to Business Administration
  • SPC 1608 Public Speaking
Required Courses: Majors must complete all of the following (33 hours)
  • COM 3120 Organizational Communication
  • COM 3160 Writing for the Communication Professions
  • COM 3945 Internship in Communication
  • MAN 3025 Principles of Management
  • MAN 4701 Business Ethics and Society
  • PUR 3000 Public Relations
  • SPC 3301 Interpersonal Communication
  • SPC 3311 Social Media for Professionals
  • SPC 3602 Advanced Public Speaking
  • SPC 4540 Persuasion
  • SPC 4958 Senior Seminar in Communication (Capstone)
Electives: Six additional courses must be selected from the following list in consultation with an advisor (18 hours)
  • BUL 3320 Law and Business I
  • COM 4930 Selected Topics in Communication
  • MMC 3100 Writing and Editing for Media
  • GEB 3213 Communication in Business
  • INP 4004 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • MAN 3301 Human Resource Management
  • MAN 3600 International Business
  • MAN 3802 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • MAN 4129 Organizational Leadership
  • MAR 3023 Principles of Marketing
  • MMC 3602 Mass Communication and Society
  • PPE 4003 The Psychology of Personality
  • SOP 4004 Social Psychology
  • SPC 3513 Argumentation and Debate
  • SPC 3921 Forensics Workshop
  • SPC 4683 Rhetorical Approaches to Media
  • SPC 4710 Intercultural Communication
  • SPC 4905 Directed Study in Communication
  • SPC 4922 Forensics Workshop
Quality of Work

A minimum GPA of 2.5 on all communication courses and 2.0 overall is required.


Students must complete a minimum of 36 hours of their upper level work at Florida College in order to receive the BA in Organizational Communication.

Graduation Ceremony

Candidates for the BA degree must participate in graduation exercises.

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