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English (BA)

Mrs. Atherton, Program Coordinator

Aims of the English Program

The English BA program provides students the opportunity to develop critical reading, thinking, analytical, and communication skills through the study of American, British, and world literatures, as well as English language studies. Students will explore and discuss writers and texts from a range of literary periods and genres, understand connections between works and their cultural and historical context, and improve research and expository skills. Students in this program have a unique opportunity to study writers and works with faculty who respect the biblical perspective and apply biblical principles to the analysis of those works, as well as learn fundamental techniques of literary analysis which will improve their own understanding of biblical texts. The English program helps students develop the thinking skills and values needed for careers in journalism, public relations, education, business, publishing, editing, and law and other graduate studies.

Entrance Requirements
The following minimum requirements must be met for admission to the English BA program:
  • Submission of a written application to the Program Coordinator
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5
Students may apply for provisional acceptance after completing Freshman Composition I (ENC 1101 or its equivalent) and one approved literature survey course.
Total Semester Hours

Candidates must complete a minimum of 120 semester hours of accredited college work, excluding physical education activities courses. At least 51 hours must be completed at the 3000-4000 level, including major, minor, and elective courses

General Education Requirements

Students must complete the 36-hour general education core, three (3) hours of physical education classes, and the CAAP exam. Students pursuing the BA must complete two semesters of foreign language. Transfer students who have completed at least 60 semester hours, including courses that satisfy the 36-hour general education core at Florida College, will not be required to take the CAAP or PE activities course work.

Requirements for the Major in English

The English major will complete 6 hours of lower division core requirements, 30 hours of upper division: 6 hours core requirements + 24 hours restricted English courses, and an approved minor area of study.

Core Requirements (12 hours: 6 lower division + 6 upper division level)
  • 6 hours lower division survey courses selected from following
    • AML 2010 American Literature 1: Colonial Period – 1865
    • AML 2020 American Literature 2: Civil War – Present
    • ENL 2010 Major Figures in English Literature: Medieval – 1660
    • ENL 2020 Major Figures in English Literature: 1660 – Early 20th Century
  • 3 hours ENG 3014 Introduction to Literary Studies
  • 3 hours ENL 3333 Shakespeare
3 hours pre-1800 selected from the following
  • ENL 3210 Medieval British Lit
  • HUM 3330 Great Books Greek and Roman Classics
  • LIT 3103 Selected Topics World Literature with pre-1800 content
  • LIT 3031 Selected Topics in Poetry with pre-1800 content
6 hours post-1800
  • AML 4223 American Romantics
  • AML 4233 American Realism and Naturalism
  • AML 4242 20th Century American Literature
  • ENL 4240 Romantic Literature
  • ENL 4251 Victorian Literature and Culture
  • LIT 3031 Selected Topics in Poetry with post 1800 content
  • LIT 3103 Selected Topics World Literature with post-1800 content
3 hours Composition and Cultural Studies from the following
  • ENG 3063 Advanced Grammar
  • ENG 4060 History of the English Language
12 hours 3000-4000 level electives from the following
  • AML, ENC, ENG, ENL, LIT prefixes
    • AML, ENL, LIT selected topics courses with appropriate content and departmental approval may be selected for pre- or post-1800 requirement
  • ORI 3130 Oral Interpretation
  • COM 3160 Writing for the Communication Professional
Requirements for the Minor

Each student must complete an approved minor in an area other than English. Approved minors include Behavioral Science, Biblical Languages, Biblical Studies, Business, Church History / Religious Thought, Christian Apologetics, Communication, Education, History, Humanities, Music, or Old Testament. See Minors in Catalog for specific course requirements.

Quality of Work

A minimum GPA of 2.5 in English coursework and a minimum GPA of 2.25 overall are required.


Students must complete a minimum of 32 semester hours of upper level work at Florida College. For all students, online course work is not normally accepted in the major.

Graduation Ceremony

Candidates for the BA degree in English must participate in graduation exercises.

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