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Communication (BA)

Dr. Johnson, Program Coordinator

Aims of the Communication Program

Courses in communication are designed to create an appreciation for communication theory and practice, to develop communication skills and techniques such as persuasion and relational maintenance, and to promote best practices within the communication arts and sciences. Courses are designed to meet curriculum needs and the needs of those desiring to enter schools of advanced standing leading to a degree in the communication discipline.

Entrance Requirements
The following minimum requirements will need to be accomplished for successful admission to the Communication BA program:
  • Completion of the general education requirements – Minimum GPA 2.00
  • Successful completion of all requirements for Associate of Arts degree and the CAAP exam.
  • Declaration of major through the Center for Academic Excellence
  • Selection and assigning of a Communication program academic advisor
Total Semester Hours

Students planning for the Bachelor of Arts in Communication must complete a total of 120 semester hours of accredited college work, excluding physical education activities courses. At least 50 credit hours must be completed at the 3000-4000 level, including the major, minor, and electives.

General Education Requirements

Each student must complete the 36-hour general education core, three (3) hours of physical education classes, and the CAAP exam. Communication majors will complete two semesters of a modern language (or test out of the beginning semester). PSY 1012 and SYG 2411 are recommended to fulfill the behavioral science requirements.

Degree Requirement

Graduates with the Bachelor of Arts in Communication will complete a total of 120 semester hours, including the Associate in Arts degree. The degree requires two semesters of a foreign language, three credits of physical education, and passing all components of the CAAP examination. The Communication degree also requires a minor from those offered by the College. Graduates will complete at least 50 hours at the 3000 and 4000 level.

Prerequisites: All are required (6 hours)
  • COM 2000 Introduction to Communication
  • SPC 1608 Public Speaking
Communication Core: Majors must complete all of the following (18 hours)
  • COM 3160 Writing for the Communication Professions
  • COM 3945 Communication Internship
  • MMC 3602 Mass Communication and Society
  • SPC 3301 Interpersonal Communication
  • SPC 3602 Advanced Public Speaking
  • SPC 4958 Senior Seminar in Communication (Capstone)
Communication Electives: Majors must complete 18 hours of the following upper-level courses
  • COM 3120 Organizational Communication
  • MMC 3100 Writing and Editing for Media
  • ENG 3014 Introduction to Literary Studies
  • ENG 3063 Advanced Grammar
  • ENG 4060 Hist. of the English Language
  • GEB 3213 Communication in Business
  • ORI 3130 Oral Interpretation
  • PUR 3000 Public Relations
  • SPC 3311 Social Media for Professionals
  • SPC 3513 Argumentation and Debate
  • SPC 3921 Forensics Workshop
  • SPC 4922 Forensics Workshop
  • SPC 4540 Persuasion
  • SPC 4683 Rhetorical Approaches to Media
  • SPC 4710 Inter-cultural Communication
  • SPC 4905 Directed Study in Communication
  • SPC 4930 Special Topics in Communication
Requirements for the Minor

Students pursuing a major in Communication must also complete a minor in an approved area such as: Christian Apologetics, Behavioral Science, Biblical Literature, Church History/Religious Thought, Biblical Languages, Business Administration, Education, English, History, Humanities, and Music.

Quality of Work

A minimum GPA of 2.5 in all communication courses and 2.0 for overall is required.


Students must complete 36 hours of their upper-level work at Florida College in order to receive the Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication. The capstone course must be completed at Florida College.

Graduation Ceremony

As is customary with Florida College, candidates for the Bachelor of Arts in Communication must participate in graduation exercises in the year of completing their other requirements. Any exceptions must be cleared with the Academic Dean of the College.

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