Biblical Studies (BA)

Dr. McClister, Program Coordinator

Total Semester Hours

Candidates for a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies must complete at least 120 semester hours of accredited college work, excluding physical education activities courses. At least 50 hours must be completed at the 3000-4000 level, including major, minor, and elective courses.

General Education Requirements

Each student must complete the 36-hour general education core, three (3) hours of physical education classes, and the CAAP exam. Students pursuing the B.A. degree must take GRE 2140-2141 (Beginning Greek) in fulfillment of the language requirement. (Transfer students who have completed at least 60 semester hours, including courses that satisfy the 36-hour general education core at Florida College, will not be required to take the CAAP or PE activities courses.)

Language Requirement

Each student must complete two semesters of Beginning Greek (GRE 2140-2141) in addition to the required 36 hours in Biblical Literature.

Lower Division Bible Prerequisites (13 hours recommended; minimum 6 hours required)
  • REL 1210 History and Geography of the Old Testament (2 hours)
  • REL 1240 History and Geography of the New Testament (2 hours)
  • REL 1780 Evidences I: General Apologetics (1 hour)
  • REL 1781 Evidences II: The Biblical Text (1 hour)
  • REL 2223 Introduction to the Prophets (1 hour)
  • REL 2257 NT Epistles: 1 Corinthians (1 hour)
  • REL 2264 NT Epistles: Ephesians/Colossians/Philemon (2 hours)
  • LIT 2371 Old Testament Poetry and Wisdom Literature (3 hours)
Required Core (7 hours)
  • REL 3713 Introduction to Biblical Studies (3 hours)
  • REL 4217 Critical Introduction to the OT OR REL 4247 Critical Introduction to the NT (3 hours)
  • REL 4901 Biblical Studies Portfolio (1 hour)
Upper Division Biblical Literature (minimum 20 hours of the following courses)
  • REL 3266 Gospel of Mark (2 hours)
  • REL 3265 Gospel of Matthew (3 hours)
  • REL 3221 The Law of Moses (3 hours)
  • REL 3222 OT Historical Books (3 hours)
  • REL 3227 Minor Prophets I (2 hours)
  • REL 3233 Minor Prophets II (2 hours)
  • REL 3231 Job (2 hours)
  • REL 3235 NT Backgrounds (2 hours)
  • REL 3253 Gospel and Epistles of John (3 hours)
  • REL 3256 NT Epistles: 2 Corinthians, Timothy, Titus (3 hours)
  • REL 3258 NT Epistles: James, Peter, Jude (2 hours)
  • REL 3268 NT Epistles: Thessalonians and Philippians (2 hours)
  • REL 4217 Critical Introduction to the OT (3 hours)
  • REL 4225 Ezekiel (3 hours)
  • REL 4230 Isaiah (3 hours)
  • REL 4226 Jeremiah (3 hours)
  • REL 4229 Daniel (2 hours)
  • REL 4247 Critical Introduction to the NT (3 hours)
  • REL 4254 Romans and Galatians (3 hours)
  • REL 4255 Hebrews (2 hours)
  • REL 4259 Book of Revelation (3 hours)
  • REL 4900 Independent Directed Study in Biblical Literature (1-3 hours)
  • REL 4930 Selected Topics (1-3 hours)
  • Upper level Biblical Languages courses may be counted toward this requirement unless the student chooses Biblical Languages as a minor (these may also count as a daily Bible).
Church History/Religious Thought Electives (9 hours with at least 3 hours in each area)

CHURCH HISTORY (3-6 hours of the following courses)

  • REL 3503 Church History: Ancient and Medieval (3 hours)
  • REL 3504 Church History: Reformation and Modern (3 hours)
  • REL 3541 History of Christianity in America (3 hours)
  • REL 3567 History of the Restoration Movement (3 hours)
  • REL 4905 Independent Directed Study in Church History (1-3 hours)
  • REL 4932 Selected Topics in Church History (1-3 hours)

RELIGIOUS THOUGHT (3-6 hours of the following courses)

  • REL 3131 American Sects and Cults (3 hours)
  • REL 3308 World Religions (3 hours)
  • REL 3460 Philosophy of Religion (3 hours)
  • REL 3719 Studies in Biblical Eschatology (3 hours)
  • REL 3783 Historical Apologetics (3 hours)
  • REL 3797 Studies in Catholic and Protestant Thought (3 hours)
  • REL 4907 Independent Directed Study in Religious Thought (1-3 hours)
  • REL 4931 Selected Topics in Religious Thought (1-3 hours)
Requirements for the Minor

Each student must complete an approved minor in an area of study other than biblical literature. Minors available for Biblical Studies majors include the following areas: Christian Apologetics; Church History/Religious Thought; Biblical Languages; Behavioral Science; Business; Communication; Education; English; History; Humanities; and Music.

Sequence of Courses

Students should complete the 13 hours of Bible prerequisites during their freshman and sophomore years. Students should complete English Composition I and II during their freshman year of college work, or before enrolling in upper level Biblical Studies courses. The Greek requirement and REL 3713 should be completed in the student’s sophomore year. All general education courses and the CAAP exam must be completed prior to the beginning of the student’s senior year. The student will take REL 4901 in the final semester of the program.


Special one-hour courses offered as daily Bible for non-Bible majors, or courses taken under the pass/fail option may not be counted toward the Bible major, New Testament major, or Biblical Literature component.

Quality of Work

A minimum quality point average of 2.0 overall and on all upper level work is required.


Students must complete a minimum of 32 hours of their upper level work at Florida College, at least 16 of which must be completed after the semester in which the student has earned a cumulative total of at least 90 semester hours.

Graduation Ceremony

Candidates for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies must participate in graduation exercises.

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