Academic Advising Center

The Academic Advising Center
works to equip students for academic success.

The Academic Advising Center works to equip students for academic success. Members of the academic advising team can help students plan a semester schedule, prepare a degree plan, decide on a major, master good study habits, choose a career path or prepare for graduate school. They also offer a number of academic services, such as a mentoring program, Supplemental Instruction and academic labs, to help all students reach their full academic potential.

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Academic Advising

Mentoring Program

This program is unique to Florida College and offers incoming students who need help transitioning to college life and current students who are struggling academically an opportunity to meet on a regular basis with an advisor dedicated to helping them achieve their goals. 

Supplemental Instruction

The Supplemental Instruction (SI) program serves as a tool to help lower-division students succeed in their entry-level courses. SI sessions are coordinated by student leaders who already have taken and received a high grade in a given course. Students in a course with Supplemental Instruction are encouraged to attend the sessions regularly.

Academic Labs

Labs provide extra help to students who are studying math, communication, writing, and music. A high-achieving student is available a couple of times each week to meet with students who need assistance with an assignment or project in one of these subject areas.
To schedule an appointment, use our online appointment calendar. To speak to a member of the office you may call Mrs. Holly Cabina at 813.988.5131 x273.

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