Our Mission

Mission Statement

“Florida College, as a private, independent liberal arts college, provides a comprehensive college experience designed to develop students spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially; to integrate into the students’ lives the Bible as the revealed will of God; and to prepare students for lives of service to their Creator and to humanity.”


The underlying philosophy of this education is expressed by its founders in this statement from the charter of incorporation: “The object of the Corporation and general nature of the purposes of its creation are as follows: To establish and maintain a college wherein the arts, sciences and languages shall be taught and also to provide opportunity for young men and young women to study the Bible as the revealed will of God to man and as the only sufficient rule of faith and practice, while they are educated in the liberal arts; . . .”

Florida College is dedicated to the education of the whole man, which means that the program of studies is designed to give students a breadth of understanding about the world in which they live, knowledge of their natural heritage, and the competencies in thinking and living which are essential to discharging their responsibility in society.

Preparing young men and women intellectually and spiritually so that they can adjust to changes through their broad general knowledge, ability to work with others and ability to understand, reason, and communicate is the basic function of a liberal arts college. Training for specific technical jobs in business and industry is too specialized a task for a liberal arts college to undertake. Consequently, much technical knowledge required must be left to those industries needing it. Basic competencies for professions and vocations, and an understanding of human behavior are properly the function of college education.

The total College program is so integrated that attention is given to the development of students in a four-fold manner–spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially. An integration of the Bible into the total curriculum through systematic and regular class study, together with opportunities provided for personal spiritual development, gives needed attention to one of the neglected aspects of man’s nature. Operating upon the principle that attitude is the basic force in ultimate success and failure, Florida College is concerned with personality and ideals as well as with knowledge, skills, and subject matter which can be tested and graded. The person is best equipped for usefulness whose intellectual abilities and mental and physical skills are directed into channels of service to his Creator and humanity. Florida College seeks to put proper emphasis on the physical. It endeavors to encourage social and cultural graces. It strives for superior mental attainments without making scholarship an end in itself. It stresses the necessity of growing in spiritual understanding.

Purpose Statement

  1. Florida College provides higher education with a biblical perspective
    1. By providing a post-secondary liberal arts education leading to a number of bachelor’s degrees, as well as an associate in arts degree.
    2. By offering academic opportunities for students to realize their full intellectual potential.
    3. By teaching students to think critically, communicate effectively, and solve problems individually and collectively.
    4. By integrating the Bible as the inspired word of God into the total college experience.
    5. By employing a qualified, caring faculty of Christians.
  2. Florida College provides a unique environment for personal godly development
    1. By viewing each person as a special creation with ultimate accountability to God.
    2. By teaching and exemplifying biblical principles of behavior in order to encourage spiritual growth and healthy living.
    3. By providing a structured environment to promote godly behavior.
    4. By presenting Jesus Christ as the perfect pattern for personal, responsible behavior.
    5. By offering opportunities to promote spiritual enrichment and growth.
    6. By promoting wellness and the development of lifelong healthful habits consistent with good stewardship as Christians.
    7. By encouraging participation and fellowship in local congregations of believers.
  3. Florida College prepares students for better service to their Creator and humanity
    1. By encouraging students to love and serve the Lord.
    2. By recognizing the home as the basic unit of society and marriage as a lifelong commitment and by helping students develop skills for healthy families.
    3. By fostering strong, long-lasting relationships with faculty, staff, and fellow- students.
    4. By providing opportunities for students to develop the social skills and cultural knowledge necessary for competent citizenship and ethical, caring relationships.
    5. By providing opportunities for students to develop qualities of leadership, cooperation, and creativity.

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