Florida College Adds Three New Bachelor Degrees

We are pleased to announce that Florida College will now be offering the following four-year bachelor degrees, beginning Fall 2022:

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

A psychology degree helps students examine human behavior and mental processes. At Florida College, each psychology course is embedded in a biblical worldview while also aiming at accurate, scientific knowledge. Psychology graduates walk away with skills that can be applied in many industries including business, government, education and healthcare while contributing to the mental, spiritual, and behavioral needs of others.

The mission of the psychology degree is to prepare students for graduate programs in psychology. The new degree provides a strong foundation for many career paths.

Career Paths

Mental Health Counselor
Human Resource Specialist
Social Worker
Research Assistant
Psychology Teacher

Bachelor of Science in Finance

A finance degree at Florida College is designed to educate students in foundational, business core, and business finance disciplines through relevant and rigorous academic and experiential learning opportunities. Concentrated finance curriculum includes in-depth study of practical applications of financial management in the areas of investment, real estate, and corporate finance.

Students seeking careers working in finance can pursue several paths.

Career Paths

Financial Analyst
Investment Analyst
Financial Manager
Personal Financial Advisor
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Executive Officer

Bachelor of Science in Biology

The biology degree at Florida College is designed to educate students about life at its various levels from the biosphere to molecular underpinnings of complex biological systems through relevant and rigorous academic and experiential learning opportunities. 

A degree in biology will provide students with a viable path to career and advanced educational pursuits in biology such as veterinary medicine, optometry, dentistry, pharmacy, research scientists, industry research scientists or technicians, graduate school, and physician’s assistant programs.

Career Paths

Biological Scientists
Life Scientists
Agricultural Technicians
Biological Science Teachers

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