What’s Next for Florida College?

Potential Degree Programs

Florida College is pursuing opportunities to offer new programs in the coming year, beginning fall 2022. These programs include:

Computer Information Systems

Majors involving the study of Computer Sciences are currently the most popular degree programs in the United States. A bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS) prepares students to pursue careers in computer systems management and administration, technical support and analysis, information security, and other important roles in technology-related fields.


Studying human mind and behaviors prepares students to become therapists, psychologists, teachers, social workers, rehabilitation counselors, and more. The need for professionals with psychology degrees continues to grow. And with that increase comes a greater need for professionals who give glory to God as they study His most complex creation.


Biology is another science that allows students to study the intricacies of God’s creation. Biology, the study of all living organisms, is a useful degree for students interested in a range of graduate programs and also careers including conservation ranger, biological technician or research assistant, science educator, food scientist, forensic scientist, or biologist.


As the demand for business-related degrees continues to grow, opportunities for professionals in the field of finance are available in many sectors. Potential careers for finance majors include financial analyst, accountant, tax assistant, financial auditor, finance advisor, and banking assistant. Financial expertise can be critical to success in fields such as healthcare, business, real estate, sales, and insurance.
“The proposed programs target areas of high student demand and career opportunity,” says Dr. Weaver.
If approved at Florida College, any new academic programs for Fall 2022 would be pending approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.
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