Introducing the Dr. Catherine Tharin Horat Endowed Nursing Scholarship

The vast majority of current Florida College students receive some sort of scholarship as a part of their financial aid. This year, Florida College’s newest endowed scholarship will be made available to the college’s first nursing students. This support is only possible because of the enduring love Mr. Michael Horat has for his late wife, Dr. Catherine Tharin Horat.

Dr. Horat was an accomplished medical professional who used her God-given talents and skills to serve her community by providing high-quality care and first-rate instruction. She spent years acquiring practical experience in hospitals before finding her place as an instructor at the Georgia Baptist College of Nursing in Atlanta. Dr. Horat was highly respected by both her coworkers and her students. During her time at the college, she made a lasting impact by sharing the lessons she had learned in the medical field and by leading through example.

After Dr. Horat’s death in 2015, her husband Michael decided to continue her work by setting up an endowed scholarship in her name. By establishing a scholarship for nursing students, Mr. Michael Horat perpetuates his late wife’s remarkable legacy. The $100,000 gift will be used to recruit and retain promising upper-division students for the Florida College nursing program.

As this exciting new program prepares to welcome an influx of applicants, the Dr. Catherine Horat scholarship has the potential to have a life-long influence on generations of future students.

The nursing program is now accepting applications from incoming freshmen, currently enrolled students, transfer students, and students with their associate degrees who have already completed an application for Florida College. After being accepted into the program, these applicants will also have the opportunity to apply for the Dr. Catherine Tharin Horat Endowed Scholarship and become a living testament to Dr. Horat’s enduring legacy in the world of nursing.

To learn more about the nursing program, Click Here

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