Coming to a 2021 camp near you!

Florida College summer camps are the biggest recruiting tool for the college. With 22 camps across the country, the challenge is making the camps feel connected to campus.

A Camp Friend is an ambassador for Florida College at each camp. They walk into a campground full of strangers, suffer mosquito attacks, are pelted by dodgeballs, live out of a suitcase all summer because they want to invest in campers’ lives. Florida College is special because of the relationships developed on campus, and Camp Friends seek to mirror that experience at camp.

This spring, these 20 students will undergo a training process with the admissions team equipping them to answer questions about Florida College, effectively work with their group and ultimately help each volunteer camp director in whatever way possible. This is a truly unique summer job—meeting and recruiting the next generation of Falcons.

The 2021 Florida College Camp Friends

Kennessee, Georgia, Texas Sr., Oregon

Bret Miller, Whitney Echols, Katie Thorpe, Faith Brown, Cade Cantrell

Camp Rock, Nor Cal, So Cal, Texas Jr.

Riley Nottingham, Savannah Vrooman, Roy Mason, Jessica DeRemer, Zach Smelser

Dry Creek, Minnesota Chicagoland, Colorado

Matthew Cowley, Ashlin Morris, Sarah Cooper, Taylor Kanatzar, Jacob Nix

Indiana, New Jersey, Virginia

Joel Hardin, Meagan Barrett, Jason Mallo, Madeleine Wessel, Eli Bard

Ohio, Arkansas, Alabama

Josh Vaughn, Anna Stringer, Redding Tipton, Emily Cook, Colin Sink

Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Missouri

Andrew Hall, Sullivan Tipton, Hannah Cooper, Cassie Miller, Michaela Kegley
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