Introducing Your 20-21 Florida College Friends

Get ready to rock because your 2020-21 Florida College Friends certainly are! This talented group of musicians will practice all year long for on-campus events and this summer they will take their talent on the road touring across the country! Stay tuned to see if they are coming to a city near you!

“From their first rehearsal, this group has exhibited an extraordinary level of talent and drive.” said Bryce Cline, director of the Friends. “Their musical artistry and entertaining performance will blow you away. We are ecstatic to be back on the road representing the college and sharing the joy of music with our friends and alumni around the country!”

Congratulations to this group, and we look forward to the great work they will do for Florida College!

Can’t wait until this summer to see them? Good news! The Friends are traveling to Alabama and Texas Winter Camp.

Aden Bassett

Temple Terrace, Florida


Business Administration

“I’m super excited to see how this group can work together and become closer. Our audiences can expect to see a lot of energy this year.”

Bridget Huber

Paducah, Kentucky


Elementary Education

“I am so excited to be in Friends this year! After a year full of craziness, I am so grateful for an opportunity like this. The gift of music can touch so many lives and getting the chance to do that while growing closer to an incredible group of people who love God is just really cool.”

Ty Ackett

Plant City, Florida

Bass Guitar

Music Education

“I love to perform, and I think this group is going to be having a lot of fun on stage which will be fun to watch in and of itself.”

Cortney MacKay

Hubbard, Ohio



“I am so excited to be touring with Florida College Friends! This is such an amazing experience, and I am so honored and grateful to be a part of it. The opportunity to showcase our talents while letting others know about the amazing place we call FC is truly an honor! The audience can expect to see great performances ranging from fun fast songs to slow soulful songs. We are a small, but incredibly talented group of students. We are all very passionate about our music, and we all strive to bring as much joy into our audiences as we can!”

Truth Clevenger

Dallas, Texas



“I love performing with my friends and especially love meeting new people, and I can’t wait to do that on tour this year! I hope the Friends can show you what it means and what it’s like to be a part of the Florida College family. FC has changed my life in only a few months on campus, and I’m thrilled to get to tell others about my experience here so far! If you get to come to one of our shows, you’ll see a group of people who enjoy playing music, who love FC, and most importantly, who want to become more like Christ. Hope to see you there! Can’t wait to meet you.”

Chloe Sneed

Florence, Alabama


Elementary Education

“I’m excited to tour with the Friends because I love performing, love Florida College and absolutely love this group of people. It will be an amazing way to connect with each other and people across the country. You can expect to see great chemistry onstage and a shared passion for what we do from our group this year!”

Douglas Butler

Conway, Arkansas

Keyboards, Saxophone & Vocals

Music Education

“I always love the chance to play live music with my friends, and I’m excited to show off the results of the hard work that goes into putting a show together.”

Clayton Slamans

Sugar Grove, Illinois


Mass Media Communication

“This group has voluminous talent, and even more love for the Lord. I’m excited to grow and jam with this awesome group!”

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