Cross-Listing and Inputting Course Content


I hope you all had a smooth end of the fall semester and are getting some much needed rest prior to the start of the spring semester.  As you begin thinking about your spring courses, remember that we are preparing for courses to be face-to-face and ready to move online for quarantined students at a moment’s notice.  We will also have more students traveling for athletics since almost all teams are continuing into the spring semester.  Canvas provides the ability to better serve our students who are missing classes due to illness, quarantine, or athletics.

I’ll be providing tips throughout the winter break to help you prepare for spring courses.   Today, I want to point you back to Canvas Overview in your Canvas Dashboard to review cross-listing and importing previous semester content.  As you review these videos and written guides, don’t spend lots of time struggling if something doesn’t make sense.  Submit a request to the Center for Teaching and Learning Help Desk so we can assist!

If you have more than one section of a course, cross-listing will allow you to work in only one section while giving students in all sections the ability to see the course material in Canvas.  Look for more information in the cross-listing section of the Canvas Overview modules.

If you have material in Canvas from previous semesters (spring 2020, summer 2020, and/or fall 2020) you can import that content to the new semester.  This keeps you from having to recreate content that worked well.  Look for more information in the importing course content section in the Canvas Overview modules.

Please reach out for help at any time!  The Center for Teaching and Learning is available throughout the winter break to brainstorm, train, and provide individual assistance.


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