Introducing Your 20-21 Florida College Friends

We are excited to announce this year’s Florida College Friends! This group’s rich heritage of wholesome entertainment spans over four decades. As has been their tradition the group will tour to promote the mission of Florida College to alumni, prospectives and friends. This year’s Florida College Friends are Douglas Butler, Aden Bassett, Truth Clevenger, Ty Ackett, Clayton Slamans, Hunter Henson, Bridget Huber, Chloe Sneed, and Cortney MacKay (pictured above, left to right).

“From their first rehearsal, this group has exhibited an extraordinary level of talent and drive,” said Bryce Cline, Director of the Friends. “Their musical artistry and entertaining performance will blow you away. We are ecstatic to be back on the road representing the college and sharing the joy of music with our friends and alumni around the country!”

Each member plays a specific role and brings a unique musical talent to the group. Douglas Butler, Chloe Sneed, Bridget Huber, and Cortney MacKay will all participate as vocalists. Clayton Slamans and Aden Bassett will play guitar for the group. Ty Ackett will be on bass, and Truth Clevenger will be the group’s drummer. Finally, Hunter Henson will be the visual technician and sound engineer.

Mass Media Communications major Clayton Slamans can’t wait for the tour this year, “This group has voluminous talent and even more love for the Lord. I’m excited to grow and jam with this awesome group!”

The Friends will practice and perform at various events throughout the year and travel across the U.S. to represent the school with their talent and enthusiasm. The group has their first performance tonight for the November Falcon Days. Congratulations to this group and we look forward to the great work they will do for Florida College.

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