New Quizzes Issues

There are two issues you need to be aware of right now in Canvas New Quizzes.

Immersive Reader:

Students who attempt to use the Immersive Reader feature while taking a New Quiz are experiencing lag time.  This may slow down how quickly they can complete a quiz.  If you have a student who uses Immersive Reader as an official accommodation or a student you know it helps, you may want to give additional time to take the quiz.  This can be added for individual students in the moderator tab of your quiz.

Matching Questions:

When using matching questions on New Quizzes, the only current option is to count the entire matching section as correct or incorrect. New Quizzes will not separate a matching section into individual questions.  You can manually correct this by adding fudge points at the bottom of the question when reviewing student responses. Another possibility, suggested by Dr. Ward, is to turn your matching questions into multiple choice questions instead.

Let us know if we can assist you with any New Quiz issues!

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