Temporary Online Option for Taking Courses at Florida College

Dear FC students,

As we prepare for the fall semester, we’re looking forward to seeing you all back on campus soon. As you hopefully saw in the recent release of the COVID-19 Playbook, we have planned to send to you this notice of an entirely online course delivery option for new and returning students who have personal or family health concerns that prevent them from arriving on campus this semester.

We certainly want you to come to college in person, but we understand that not every student is able to move to Temple Terrace this month due to health issues. Thankfully, the opportunity to interact with FC faculty and students is something you can still do by applying to take your courses completely online this upcoming semester.

In addition to submitting an application and identifying a health concern related to COVID-19, this online option requires that the participating student not live on campus and not participate in any in-person social or athletic activities at Florida College (including intramurals, society events, athletic teams, chorus concerts, Friends concerts, on-campus play, etc.).

You may apply to take all your fall courses online at this link. Application to the fall online program does not guarantee approval. Your application must receive formal review and acceptance by Florida College before you can proceed with fall courses online. To facilitate timely review, the deadline for application is Friday, August 14th at 5 p.m.

This fully online program includes a $300/semester technology fee, and refund of tuition due to withdrawal from the program occurs on a different schedule than face-to-face courses. Details are available through application to the program.

This online option is made available during these extraordinary times as an outreach to our students who find themselves in especially difficult circumstances due to COVID-19. We hope that these temporary accommodations might be helpful to those who can’t come to campus, and that we’ll see you all back among the pines and palms of our dear FC as soon as possible, whether this month or in a few more!


Dr. John B. Weaver
Academic Dean

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