Store Your Videos in Canvas Studio

Many of you have videos from the spring semester stored in Microsoft Stream. This worked during our quick move to online teaching, but Stream comes with permissions issues.  You have to set permissions correctly or students in your classes won’t be able to view your videos

Our new subscription to Canvas Studio solves the permissions issue. All students in your courses automatically have access to videos you post without any requirements for setting student permissions. Also, in Canvas Studio you can create a link for public viewing by anyone you provide with a link or send a video directly to another teacher or student with a Canvas account.

Another great benefit of moving videos to Canvas Studio is that Studio gives teachers the ability to track exactly what portion of your videos have been watched by individual students. You’ll know which students are actually watching and which are moving forward without reviewing your lessons to help them understand the course material. You can also add the option for students to add comments, add closed captioning, and have students answer quiz questions that pop up as the video plays.

It’s highly recommended that all videos from this point forward are made in or added to your Canvas Studio account. Use this linked tutorial to review step-by-step directions or contact an instructional designer for assistance using the Center for Teaching and Learning Help Desk.

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