Academic Awards 2020

On Friday, April 10, 2020, Florida College recognized a select group of students who received this year’s academic awards. The following students were selected by members of the Florida College faculty in their various disciplines for their excellence in the classroom and on their schoolwork. You can find the full description of each recipient’s award below.

All recipients will receive their gift and a copy of the ceremony program in the mail. 

Faith Brown–Behavioral Science

Faith Brown is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, but do not let that obscure her academic interest and her sharp mind. She is especially interested in and astute in understanding human behavior. Her kindness and her understanding combined are certain to be a positive influence in the lives of many in the future. As such, she is well deserving of this year’s academic award in lower division behavioral science.

Ethan Sink–D. Phillip Roberts Bible Award

Ethan is a bright and engaged student of Scripture, whose work distinguishes itself by its meticulous attention to detail. Ethan approaches the biblical text with fresh eyes, but without abandoning those things which have been handed down to him. More importantly, Ethan models what he studies in his own life: he is a kind, honest and diligent servant of Christ.

Emily Bowman–Biology

Emily Bowman is the recipient of the biology award. Emily has taken multiple biology courses over her two years at FC and excelled in each of them. Her hard work and ability to integrate concepts with content, analyze data and think critically have made her an outstanding student and will serve her well as she continues her intended path toward graduate school.

Abigail Hodges–Business (Upper Division)

Abigail Hodges has consistently demonstrated spiritual, academic, social and physical excellence throughout her time at Florida College. She has been an exceptional leader on the women’s volleyball team while maintaining the highest standards of academic performance in the business program. Abigail exemplifies qualities and characteristics the Florida College business program strives to produce in its students. She is well-deserving of this award, recognizing her hard work and achievement through persistent and consistent excellence.

Donald Turner–Business (Lower Division)

Donny Turner possesses spiritual maturity and experience. Donny also brings real-world experience in business to his studies, and he does so with humility. Donny is clear about his goals and demonstrates focus and competence in working toward them. Donny’s communication skills are highly developed and effective. In a short time at Florida College, Donny has distinguished himself by quietly being an example and a leader in the business program.

Kaylie Wright–Communication

Kaylie Wright is a senior majoring in communication. Kaylie is always conscientious and organized, with work that exceeds her professor’s expectations. She is an exemplary writer. Kaylie is a self-directed learner who uses classroom material not as an ending point, but as a starting point. She goes beyond her coursework and its assignments to explore and learn on her own. Kaylie is an example to her peers, and beyond her accomplishments, always wears a smile and is ready with encouraging words. Her excellent work, motivation and tremendous attitude make Kaylie a natural choice for this year’s communication award.

Bridget Huber–Elementary Education (Lower Division)

Bridget has been a wonderful asset to the education program just in the short time she’s been at FC. She has achieved very high levels of academic excellence and always produces above average quality work in all her classes. When there are discussions in class over the studied material, she contributes greatly with knowledgeable comments, and she has already exhibited keen astuteness in her writings, as it pertains to the elementary classroom. We can always count on Bridget displaying an infectious smile and a positive attitude. She has also put forth great efforts in the very few field experiences she’s had and has already developed a great rapport with the students in those experiences, as well. We look forward to future years with Bridget in the education program.

Annie Edwards–Elementary Education (Upper Division)

Annie regularly contributes in class, making connections from our learning to the real world and offering insight that benefits the class as a whole. Her work is consistently completed in a manner demonstrating a high level of skill and understanding. Annie is eager to participate and try out new skills, even when outside of her comfort zone. Annie has achieved the highest levels of academic excellence while here at FC, and she is a shining star in the Education Department. There is no doubt that Annie will succeed as a teacher, as she is well on her way to becoming one very soon. Annie has served well as an academic ambassador for the Education Department, as well as serving in the APPLE Club. The best part is Annie always keeps God first in whatever she does. Annie is going to be sorely missed.

Emily Branham–Liberal Studies

Each year, because of the interdisciplinary emphasis of the Liberal Studies major, the Liberal Studies Department presents its academic award to a student or students who have demonstrated excellence in more than one discipline. One of this year’s recipients is Emily Branham, whose degree program has combined biblical literature, communication, health-related sciences and humanities/great books, and who is currently at work on an interdisciplinary thesis as part of the honors curriculum. Emily is pursuing her liberal studies degree as preparation for veterinary school and has distinguished herself in all of her chosen disciplines. “Emily has a quiet, unassuming, godly demeanor,” says one of her professors,” and behind her smile is a keen and curious mind.”

Aidan Mitchell–Liberal Studies

Aidan Mitchell is a co-recipient of the academic award for liberal studies. The subject areas he has included in his liberal studies program of study are biblical literature, communication, health-related sciences and humanities/great books—as preparation for medical school. Aidan has also chosen to distinguish himself by completing the liberal studies honors curriculum. According to one of his professors, “Aidan is one of those students it is always a pleasure to teach: respectful, intelligent, diligent and determined to excel in whatever he undertakes.”

Timothy Ross Turner—Math

This year we give the mathematics award to our brilliant Ross Turner. He has shown excellent understanding in his studies of mathematics and his hard work is impressive. Ross completed differential equations (which is a difficult course, especially for a freshman) with a grade over 100 percent and currently is doing exceptionally well in linear algebra. He also serves as the secretary of Dr. Liu and his performance is superb. In all of this, his dedication to the Lord and high spiritual principles is evident in doing what is right, helpful and encouraging. The Mathematics and Science Department congratulates Ross on his achievements.

Chloe Sneed–French

The main goal in the study of modern language is to be able to communicate in the target language, and one of the greatest challenges is that each new structure is built on and depends on knowledge of previous structures studied. Additionally, students must practice multiple skills: reading, writing, listening and communicating orally. This year's recipient of the French award has excelled in a way that clearly sets her apart as worthy of this honor. For her good work and dedication to excellence, we offer our congratulations to Chloe Sneed as the 2019–2020 "Outstanding Student in French" award recipient.

Julianna Guzzetta–Spanish

The 2019–2020 Spanish award goes to Miss Julianna Guzzetta. This honor has traditionally been given to the student achieving the highest cumulative percentage grade over two semesters at the intermediate level, with special focus on oral communication. Julianna has achieved this goal by consistently demonstrating high levels of oral language proficiency, but also excelling in her reading and translation skills. Julianna has also demonstrated excellence in her writing in Spanish, which exhibits creativity and imagination. Moreover, Julianna has worked well with a gifted group of her peers, collaborating in lively conversation and in energetic participation in class activities. ¡Felicitaciones, Julianna!

Jackson Cowley–Music (BA)

The Florida College Music Department recognizes Jackson Cowley as the recipient of the music award in 2020 for his excellence in music and music education studies. Jackson has served the department this year as our music theory lab leader. He excelled in his academic music and music education classes and a variety of lessons and ensembles. While a voice major, he has also taken several semesters of piano and has performed in Chorus, Chamber Singers and String Ensemble. He represented the college by performing in the Friends group and in a number of theatrical roles. He has grown as a musician and student while, as his teachers describe him, always being reliable, friendly, respectful, pleasant and humble. The Music Department is happy to honor Jackson Cowley as this year’s academic winner.

Timothy Ross Turner–Physics

The Florida College physics award is given to the physics or engineering major who maintains the highest academic performance over two semesters of physics with calculus. This year’s recipient demonstrated his commitment to learning by asking perceptive questions and assisting his classmates with difficult problems. His work in the classroom was organized, creative and insightful. It has been a delight to see him grow as a Christian scholar. His love of math and science, and his commitment to excellence, will serve him well in his quest to become a biomedical engineer. It is an honor to recognize Ross Turner as the recipient of the 2019–2020 physics award.

Mick Maley–Social Science

It is a pleasure to award Mick Maley the Florida College Academic Award for social science. While always a diligent student, Mick’s work within the program has consistently progressed to the point that he helps set the standard in his upper division courses and seminars. Further, Mick has served other students as an SI and has benefitted many. What sets him apart is a desire to truly study and learn—rather than simply “make a grade” by “memorizing facts.” Mick is completing his bachelor’s in history with plans to pursue his MAT at the University of Cincinnati—and has built a sound foundation for that work.

Emma Stout–English

Emma Stout has distinguished herself as a worthy recipient of the 2019-2020 English Academic Award. Not only has she achieved the highest GPA possible in all of her English courses, she has achieved the same academic excellence in her overall GPA at Florida College, all while participating in Phi Sigma Chi society, supporting our Falcon athletic teams as co-captain of the cheerleading squad and serving as a past officer of the Apple Club and currently as president of FC’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society. We are honored to present her with this year’s award for her academic accomplishments and service to Florida College.

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