UPDATE: Graduation, Move-Out And More


All students cleared to graduate on May 1 who successfully complete their spring 2020 courses will have their degrees conferred on their official transcript in May once grades are posted, as usual. We are postponing commencement ceremonies until August 8, 2020. The Senior Legacy Ceremony will take place the evening before on Friday, August 7. We look forward to celebrating this major milestone with our graduates and their families!

Housing/Dining Refunds

Florida College will issue refunds to students for room and board. More details will be following in the next 7-10 days.

Online Courses

Online courses for all students will be released to students via email tomorrow for start of classes Monday, March 30 in the new Canvas Learning Management System. Students without wireless connectivity to the internet should contact Florida College IT as soon as possible for guidance on how they might take advantage of special third-party offers on wireless and cellular data plans during the current national emergency. The Canvas Learning Management System is best viewed from the Chrome web browser on a computer (desktop or laptop), but also has a mobile app that can be downloaded on a smartphone. More information about the mobile app (which is not required if you have a computer) is forthcoming this Friday. If students have concerns about their access to the internet or computer/phone technology, please contact IT through the student portal in a help desk ticket.


Advance registration for the fall semester will begin soon. Please watch for announcements regarding this.

IT Help: For more specific instruction on how to access your courses online, please read the following letter from the IT Department.

Please read the following announcement from the Academic Dean regarding policies for the semester.


nformation about move-out dates will be forthcoming. Students will not be allowed to move out until we are given permission by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Florida Department of Health. If a student has left something essential in his or her room, please contact the Dean of Students Office. There will be a time frame where campus will be open for students to retrieve their belongings. Unfortunately, these dates are not definite because beginning tomorrow, Hillsborough County will enforce an even stricter containment policy for the foreseeable future.

All first class mail will be forwarded to the student’s home address. The mailroom will get in touch with students regarding all other mail. When students are able to return to campus, we will hand out yearbooks.

While students will not be able enter the residence halls in the coming weeks, students who require the use of their vehicle may retrieve them. Dormitories will remained locked and the campus secured until move-out dates are determined.

Academic Policies

for the Remainder of the Spring 2020 Semester

While Florida College is doing everything possible to have good online courses ready for the remainder of the semester, we recognize that most students will continue to face unique challenges in their academic work this spring. With the circumstances and well-being of our students in view, the Academic Standards Committee has approved a temporary modification to Florida College’s grading policy. The following policy change will apply only to all Florida College students enrolled for the spring 2020 semester.

Faculty will award letter grades (A, B, C, D, F) at the end of the spring 2020 semester, with the option of students covering grades and moving to a Credit/No Credit grade on a course-by-course basis. “Covering” a letter grade means it does not appear on the student’s transcript. Only the ‘CR’ (Credit) or ‘NC’ (No Credit) would appear when a grade is covered.

The Credit/No Credit approach is similar to a Pass/Fail structure, but without the GPA penalty of an ‘F.’ Credit/No Credit means students either pass or fail the class, but are not issued a letter grade. Neither the grades CR (Credit, for an earned A, B, C or D) nor NC (No Credit, for an earned F) count toward the GPA; students who receive NC in a required course must repeat it to complete their degree requirements.

Students should consider several factors in making decisions about grading.

CR/NC may be used for all FC courses, not just electives.
A grade of CR will satisfy any course requirement of a ‘C’ or better.
A grade of CR will apply to all courses and majors/minors that do not normally allow Pass/Fail to count towards graduation.
Students who are repeating a course in which they previously earned a letter grade may choose the CR/NC option.
Choosing CR/NC might affect whether another college/university would accept the course for transfer in the future.

Once grades are turned in by faculty at the end of the spring semester, students will have the opportunity to cover any of their course grades from this semester. Students (including spring semester graduating seniors) will have until Friday, May 8, to cover their grades.

The shift from a letter grade will be approved by request to the Academic Dean (the form will be provided to all students before the end of the semester). The student will make the choice of what grades to cover, if any, but it is recommended that the choice be made in consultation with academic and financial aid advisors. Students who are working toward licensure and/or planning to attend graduate or professional school should confer with their faculty mentor/advisor.

This policy modification is done: 1) to mitigate distortion of student academic records by extraordinary circumstances; 2) to reduce undue stress on both faculty and students; and, 3) to maintain the high quality of Florida College’s learning community and learning outcomes.

Deadline for Dropping a Course

The spring deadline for dropping a course being failed without receiving a grade of WF (Withdraw Failing) has been extended from Friday, March 27 to Friday, April 3. Students are encouraged to take into account the new grading policy in determining whether to withdraw from a course.

Requirement to Walk at Commencement

Due to postponement of commencement, the Academic Standards Committee has waived the requirement that all graduates participate in spring commencement. This waiver is only for spring 2020. All graduates are invited to attend commencement when it occurs, but a request for exception is not required this spring. Although commencement is postponed to August 8, final degree transcripts will be available by May 15.

Online Courses Available this Friday

Students will receive access to their online courses via emailed “Course Invitations” in their Florida College email beginning around 5 p.m. this Friday evening. These invitations will come from “Instructure Canvas” and acceptance of the invitation will lead to a sign-in page for input of students’ FC ID and password. In the new Learning Management System (LMS), named “Canvas,” students will see their activated courses in the dashboard and be able to access them from there. Canvas can be accessed on the computer desktop here:, and as a mobile App (“Canvas Student”) in the Apple and Android app stores. Courses will not be available until after faculty publish them, beginning Friday afternoon. Online coursework begins Monday, March 30.

Course Registration for Fall Semester

As we look forward to the fall semester, our faculty are in the midst of contacting the students they advise to set registration appointments. Please be watching for an email from your faculty advisor, which will provide further information regarding setting your appointment, as well as a link to the fall course schedule.

Labor Camp

Labor Camp has been postponed. More details will follow in the coming weeks.

Stay Connected

Continue to follow Florida College on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for updates. You can continue to listen to Daily Chapel on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. A special thanks to our new academic dean, Dr. John Weaver, and tireless efforts of our faculty who gave up their spring break to move all their courses online. They have worked diligently to get our Learning Management System up and running for students to begin classes on Monday. For all other questions or concerns not addressed, please email
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