Introducing the 2019-20 Florida College Friends

This group of talented musicians will practice and perform all year long for on campus events and local venues around Tampa, Florida. This summer (May 30-June 30, 2020) they will take their talent on the road and tour across the country! Stay tuned to see if they are coming to a city near you!

“This group is incredibly talented and deep in their musical abilities,” said Virginia Maness, coordinator of the Friends. “They are all fresh and excited to represent the college and perform incredible music together. The Friends are excited to return to Camp Rock as well travel across the country to visit many friends of the college!”

Sophia Stinson

Nashville, Tennessee


Elementary Education

“I wanted to be a part of Friends because I love the idea of being in a group that is connected not only through their love of music but through a spiritual bond that makes us a family.”

Robert Grode

Auburndale, Florida



“The Friends introduced me to Florida College. I want to show others the love I have for this college and help others experience it. Our summer tour will be an amazing opportunity to do that!”

Kaylan Shepard

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Liberal Arts with components in Behavioral Science, Communication and Education

“I have been blessed to be a vocalist in the group for the past two years, and each year has brought different memories and meaning to my overall Friends’ experience. Going into my audition this year, I wanted to be a part of the same group that pushes me to grow in musical, social, spiritual and communicative capacities.”

Cayden Johnson

Tavares, Florida


Dual Major in Music and Computer Science

“It’s been my dream to join the Friends ever since the first year of Camp Rock summer camp on campus. I had never heard of the group or gone to any of their concerts, so after being exposed to them at camp, I knew I had to come to Florida College and audition for the group.”

Bridget Huber

Paducah, Kentucky


Elementary Education

“Getting the chance to perform, which I absolutely love doing, while getting the opportunity to spread just how much I love Florida College is the best combination! I’m so thankful for this opportunity to be a part of such a special group, and I pray that we will be able to use our talents in a way that will point others closer to Christ.”

Aden Bassett

Temple Terrace, Florida

Guitar and Drums

Business Administration

“I am excited to be able to play music with a group of amazing people trying to make it sound as if we did this for a living.”

Chloe Sneed

Florence, Alabama


Music Education

“I love performing, and I love Florida College. The opportunity to perform and promote our college at the same time was something I didn’t want to pass up!”

Ethan Sink

Chicago, Illinois


Dual Major in Organizational Communication and Biblical Studies

“This is my third year in the Friends group. Friends is an amazing opportunity to grow socially and musically while forming a bond with my other bandmates.”

Clayton Slamans

Sugar Grove, Illinois

Guitar and Drums

Associate Degree

“I love music and traveling. Being a part of the Friends will bring friends and connections from the bond of music!”

Ty Ackett

Plant City, Florida

Bass Guitar and Drums

Music Education

“Getting to play fun music and promote Florida College on a tour around the country seemed too good to pass up.”
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