The Education Department Launches Three Educational Studies Degrees

The Florida College Education Department is excited to now be offering educational studies degrees.

These three new educational studies degrees include a specialization in history, reading and biology. Graduates of the educational studies program will have a broad, foundational knowledge of educational theory and practices, as well as strong content knowledge in their chosen area of specialization. Each knowledge base prepares them for work in private educational settings and supports them in seeking state certification in their chosen specialization. Students pursuing this degree have the opportunity to complete two levels of internships including a full-time teaching experience in their last semester of the program.

These three new degree programs differ from the elementary education program because it will prepare graduates for secondary level education (grades 7-12). To education students wishing to pursue a career in teaching at the secondary level, these degrees will provide them that opportunity and a path to alternative certification.

According to Mike Benson, co-chair of the Education Department, this is a beneficial addition to the elementary education program already established.

“We have heard from students who are interested in secondary education degrees,” Benson said, “and the biology and history degrees, especially, provide a pathway for students who are wanting to teach at the middle or high school levels. These particular degrees are a great starting point for Florida College to possibly offer state certified secondary school degrees in the near future.”

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