Academic Awards 2019

On Wednesday, March 27, following our daily chapel service, Florida College recognized a select group of students who received this year’s academic awards. The following students were selected by members of the Florida College faculty in their various disciplines for their excellence in the classroom and on their schoolwork.

Stephen Hamilton – Behavioral Science
Stephen has an inquiring mind and is not afraid to speak it. He asks questions and sometimes even challenges answers. He is a keen observer not only of academic material but of human nature as well. His abiding interest in human behavior combined with his work habits, his academic ability and background at Florida College will carry him far no matter what endeavor he chooses.

Cassie Miller – D. Phillip Roberts Award in Bible
Cassie Miller has distinguished herself as a fine Biblical scholar. Her work is careful and thoughtful, and she is not afraid of exploring difficult texts and concepts. Cassie also understands well that the message of the Biblical text must translate into daily life and service for others, and this has been a consistent theme in her analysis and study of the Bible as well as her personal example.

Reid Garrett – Biology
We present the biology award to Reid Garrett. Students of biology must do well with technical details, conceptual complexity, critical thinking and learning expansive content and vocabulary. They succeed because they work hard and are dedicated, not simply because they find them easy. Reid excelled in all biology courses with persistence, endurance and commitment. Reid was able to assimilate information into concepts and ask the right questions to push himself to understand the foundations of biology. Congratulations on a job well done!

Drew Bassett – Lower-Division Business
Drew has a natural ability and learns quickly, which helps him excel in his business classes. But he is also determined to grasp as much as he can while he’s pursuing his degree and then put in practice those things he’s learned. Drew is an entrepreneur, running a business on the side as he pursues his business degree. That puts him in a unique position to take what he is learning in the classroom and apply it in our free market system. Drew is also recognized for his strong character and his genuine care and compassion for his fellow students.

Elliot Johnson – Upper- Division Business
Elliott is what many would call a high achiever. That moniker fits as well as any other descriptive label his professors would give him. He sets very high standards for himself, and then he works extremely hard to overachieve those high standards. Those standards are not limited to academics. He also sets high standards for himself in his character and his spiritual walk with God. Elliott is a true leader in the business program and has rightfully earned this recognition.

Adelia Harrell – Communication
Adelia Harrell is a senior double majoring in Communication and English. Delia is a masterful writer with keen insight into both the theoretical and practical aspects of her subjects. Her presentation and performance skills have been evident in the classroom and in competitions. She is an independent thinker and a true scholar.

Mary Huff – Lower-Division Elementary Education
Mary has been an asset to the education program just in the short time she has been at Florida College. In addition to achieving high levels of academic excellence, she produces above average quality work in all her classes. She contributes greatly to class discussions with intellectual comments, and she has already displayed much wisdom in her writings, as it pertains to the elementary classroom. She has volunteered with some activities with the APPLE Club. She has also put forth great efforts in the very few field experiences she’s had and has already developed a great rapport with the students in those experiences, as well. Mary’s future looks very bright and the Education Department is excited for her to be in our program.

Elisabeth Falk-Letona – Upper-Division Elementary Education
Ellie has demonstrated academic excellence in all of her education classes at Florida College. Her work has demonstrated high levels of understanding and effort. In class, she contributed her insights during discussions and when working with her peers, benefiting all students. During her internships, she continually worked to improve her teaching practice, seeking feedback and fine tuning even the slightest areas of her craft to become an incredible teacher. She regularly was rated in the highest levels during observations and developed strong rapport with students and teachers at her internship locations. She is already demonstrating teacher qualities far beyond what is expected for college interns. She served as a member and former officer of APPLE club, participating in and leading a variety of club activities. In addition, she has served as an ambassador for the Education Department. Ellie is going to be a wonderful teacher.

Nolan Baker – Liberal Studies
Each year, because of the interdisciplinary emphasis of the liberal studies major, the Liberal Studies Department presents its academic award to a student or students who have demonstrated excellence in more than one discipline. One of this year’s recipients is Nolan Baker, whose degree program has combined behavioral science, health-related sciences and biblical literature. Nolan has done exceptional work in all three areas.

Elizabeth Romine – Liberal Studies
Elizabeth Hammontree Romine is a co-recipient of the academic award for liberal studies. Elizabeth’s interdisciplinary program of study has included behavioral science, biblical literature, communication and physical education, and she has distinguished herself with her excellent academic work in each of those disciplines.

Ethan Suter – Mathematics
This year we give the mathematics award to Ethan Suter. He has shown excellent skill and understanding in his studies of mathematics. With all the extra credit work he had done, Ethan completed calculus with analytic geometry II with number grade more than 100. Ethan has also shown his servant’s heart in his wide ranging contributions. He is tutoring the mathematics lab for calculus with analytic geometry I, giving tremendous technical support to all the students in this course. In all of this, his dedication to the Lord and high spiritual principles is evident in doing what is right, helpful and encouraging. The Mathematics and Science Department congratulates Ethan on his achievements.

Jessica Maxey – French
In the study of modern language, the goal is to be able to communicate effectively in the target language. One must first learn vocabulary, understand grammar, master pronunciation and comprehend the spoken form. This year’s recipient of the French award has mastered these skills in a way that clearly sets her apart as worthy of this honor. For her hard work and her dedication to excellence, we offer our congratulations to Jessica Maxey for earning the award for “Outstanding Student in French.”

Kieran McClure – Spanish
The 2018-19 Spanish award goes to Miss Kieran McClure. This honor has traditionally been given to the student achieving the highest cumulative percentage grade over two semesters at the intermediate level, with special focus on oral communication. Kieran has achieved this goal by consistently demonstrating high levels of oral language proficiency, but also excelling in her reading and writing skills. Moreover, Kieran has worked well with a gifted group of her peers, collaborating in lively conversation and in energetic participation in class activities. ¡Felicitaciones, Kieran!

Natalia Restrepo-Gutierrez – Music
Natalia Restrepo-Gutierrez is the 2019 recipient of the music award because of the excellence she demonstrates in her academic music classes and in the application of what she has learned to her vocal performances as a solo artist and in Chorus, chamber singers, musicals and Friends. Faculty members find her to be a dependable and hardworking student. As a music major, she is committed to learning the theoretical and historical foundations of her field. She does so while always remaining humble and pleasant.

Ellen Perkins – Music Education
Ellen Perkins is the 2019 recipient of the music education award. Ellen has demonstrated academic excellence in both music and music education classes. She is hardworking and efficient in her studies while always remaining humble. She is well suited for her chosen field of music education because of the variety of her talents, as demonstrated by giving senior recitals in both voice and piano. Her ensemble performances have included Chorus, chamber singers, wind ensemble, pep band, jazz ensemble and pit orchestra for musicals, in addition to roles on stage. She has also been an accompanist for other voice students. All of these have prepared her well for the diverse expectations of school music teachers. She is unique and enjoyable to be around. Ellen shows great promise as a young music teacher.

Joshua Sanders – Social Science
It is a particular pleasure to award Josh Sanders the Florida College academic award for social science. Josh has set a high standard as an American Civilization major within the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department. Over his two full years as an upper division student, he has consistently been near or at the top of his classes. Further, Josh has served as an SI in an outstanding fashion, and has benefitted numerous students. What sets him apart is a desire to truly study and learn—rather than simply get a grade by memorizing facts. Josh is aiming toward graduate studies and has built a sturdy foundation.

Sara Craig – English
The English Department is pleased to announce Sara Craig as this year’s recipient of the English academic award. In her four years of study, Sara has maintained the highest possible GPA in her English courses, demonstrating her ability to write effectively and analyze literature from a variety of different genres and time periods. As a result of her stellar character and academic achievements, she was selected as a charter member of Florida College’s Alpha Psi Chi chapter of the Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society. She has excelled in a number of other areas, as well, as demonstrated in her previously being selected for “Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities,” and her membership in Phi Theta Kappa, YWTO, Omega Chi and Rotaract. This year, Sara served as the English Department’s ambassador for the Admissions Department, a position that required her to promote Florida College and the English B.A. program. Her leadership skills and academic ability have earned her recognition as this year’s English academic award recipient.

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