Meet your 2019 Camp Friends


Congratulations to our 2019 Florida College Camp Friends! The office of admissions selected these students to travel to our Florida College summer camps this summer to represent our institution and the value we provide.

The admissions team planned the reveal in the Tampa International Airport where each Camp Friend had to complete a scavenger hunt finding their camps, group members and group leader along the way. It was a night full of excitement!

“Camp Friends is a truly unique job opportunity at Florida College,” said Virginia Maness, assistant director of admissions. “Our camps are a critical part of the Florida College fabric. These young people will spend their summer meeting hundreds of campers, traveling the country and recruiting the next generation of Florida College Falcons. It is an honor to serve with them.”

See which Camp Friends are coming to your camp this summer!

Kennessee, Indiana and Missouri Camp
Group Leader: Katie Thorpe
Camp Friends: Rosie Stinson, Sarah Reaves, Conner Duff, Josh Jones

Ohio, Arkansas, Texas Jr. and Oregon Camp
Group Leader: Josh Keenan
Camp Friends: Rachel Thorpe, Hannah Dunsmore, Jacob Black and Redding Tipton

NorCal and SoCal Camp
Group Leader: Shelby Stickle
Camp Friends: Beth McKee, April Hagewood, Will Richardson and Tim Chandler

Dry Creek, Florida and Alabama Camp
Group Leader: Jill Robertson
Camp Friends: Jessica Maxey, Sarah Cooper, Jarrett Ferguson and Reid Garrett

Chicagoland, Arizona, Texas Sr. and Colorado Camp
Group Leader: William Bean
Camp Friends: Lauren Lienau, Alora Scogin, Harrison Caudill and Ben McVicker

Minnesota, North Carolina and Georgia Camp
Group Leader: Luke Heard
Camp Friends: Dailin Morris, Kaylan Shepard, Roy Mason and Connor Sisco

New Jersey and Virginia Camp
Group Leader: Jason Mallo
Camp Friends: Annie Edwards, Cassie Miller and Zach Wessel

Camp Rock Camp Friends
Group Leader: Ryan McNally
Camp Friends: Bailey McBryde, Annalyssa Hardin, Peyton Francis and Janson Craig

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