Elementary Education Department Competing With Larger Universities

The Elementary Education Department is excelling in their field and competing with larger universities across the state!

Florida College is excited to announce exemplary results from the Florida Department of Education. The results are based on data of first-time examinee testing attempts from students who took the Florida Teacher Certification Exam (FTCE) test from January 2015 to December 2016. Florida College students placed in the top five in the state in two testing categories—science subtest and professional education!

“These glowing results are evidence as to how well our students who go through the Florida College Elementary Education Department are doing overall,” said Mike Benson, co-chair of the department. “They’re thriving and are well-prepared to get a teaching job immediately after graduating. We may be small in size, but the data obviously shows we compare greatly to some of the bigger, more well-known ‘top institutions’ in the state.”

Many of the program’s professors, including now retired department chair Tim Fannin, took time to tutor students individually to prepare for the state certification tests.

Florida College students scored highly in comparison to major state school such as the University of Florida, University of South Florida, University of Miami and Palm Beach Atlantic University.

Below are quotes from students who took this test and are now excelling in their careers as teachers. Congratulations to these former students and their accomplishments in the education field!

“I felt very prepared to take the certification exam because of the specific way that many of our subjects were taught, but even more than that, I felt prepared to take on a classroom full of children.
“Being a teacher is hard work. It can take a toll on you mentally and physically if you’re not prepared. I am so thankful for the support of my professors who walked me through every step of the way. They got me in the right classes, worked with me one on one during the summer and connected me with some incredible teachers in the public school system that helped me develop into the type of teacher our students need.

“I was able to go from the education program at Florida College into working as a full time teacher at Florida College Academy, which has been a bigger blessing than I can even put into words. I believe I have found my calling in education and I would never have known had I not been encouraged by my professors to pursue this career. Feeling confident that I was prepared to teach and be an influencer to a classroom of students, who needed me everyday was the greatest thing that Florida College gave me while in the education program and for that I will be forever grateful.”

–Jessica (Smitherman) Parimore, Florida College Academy

“Florida College was so edifying for me in many different ways. All of my professors helped me to look above and beyond and to not be just ordinary. I love when I see students at my school and they run to give me a big hug or just the casual fist bump as I walk by. The student’s lives matter. Florida College helped teach me this.

“One of my favorite aspects of the education program at Florida College was the amount of classroom time you were able to have. It is one thing to learn about concepts in class, but then another to be able to implement it into your teaching. I loved the amount of experience we got to have in the classroom.

“I thank Florida College for all the support they gave me throughout my tests to become a certified teacher. If we needed help studying, they studied with us after hours. Again, not many professors at big universities would do that for you.

“All in all as I reflect, I feel so blessed to be an alumni of Florida College. All of the professors that helped show me God’s love is all I could have asked for. I think it is ideal to have these close relationships with your professors throughout all four years of college.”

–Zack Lane, Woodland Elementary

“I knew I wanted to attend Florida College ever since I was a little girl. I grew up going to FC camp and knew that I wanted to spend my college years around other Christians who believed in God, and would become my life long friends. Little did I know that the professors would have such a big impact on my life as well.

“Being in the education program, the class sizes were pretty small. That allowed us to be close with each other and our professors. The education professors did everything they could to make sure we were ready to become teachers. They were willing to talk to us at anytime, day or night. They provided toys for our treasure boxes, met with us on weekends and even cooked us food. We were apart of their family.

“All of the professors were willing to take time outside of our class time to meet and study for the FTCE exam. They were as invested as we were and they wanted to know right away how we did. They were there for the great times, celebrating and they were there for the hard times, reassuring us and ready to study again.

“I felt 100% prepared for my first year of teaching. That was all due to the amazing professors FC has in the education program. We spent time with kids in the classroom, time learning strategies to teach math, reading and writing, activities to engage the students and mock interviews to prepare us for our career. The professors from FC continue to check in and see how I am doing and if they can help in anyway. I couldn’t ask for more caring professors. I was truly blessed.”

–Hannah (Mitchell) Lane, New River Elementary

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