Solomon Johnson is learning His way.

Originally from Boston, Solomon Johnson did not know about Florida College until his senior year of high school, when he found the college on a Google search. He was looking for schools with a music program and Florida College intrigued him because its academics were taught from a Christian viewpoint.

“I have seen the most growth in my faith since coming to campus,” Solomon said. “The Bible classes have given me a better understanding of God and allowed me to formulate my own beliefs. I have seen different perspectives and have professors who are willing to help me understand the Bible further.”

Solomon developed a strong interest in music around middle school, and since then, he has not stopped seeking ways to expand his knowledge. He soon discovered that his main interests were piano and conducting.

“Having professors that specifically tie piano and conducting together for me is unique, as well as the opportunity I have to build a personal relationship with them,” Solomon said. “Whether it is talking about my faith or challenging me to do more musically, the professors here push me to grow.”

Solomon is studying Music Education and he was honored with the college’s 2018 academic award for this program. He is heavily involved in music through Wind, String and Jazz Ensembles. Solomon conducted in the String Ensemble holiday concert as well as the fall and spring Wind Ensemble concerts. He participated in the society Arete last year and is a current member of the upper division academic honors society Phi Theta Kappa.

“Planning ahead and doing a little bit everyday helps me balance my academics and music,” Solomon said. “I always make time for people. It is most important to be there for people, because I can always make up the time later. Reflecting at the end of every day is also important.”

After he graduates in May, Solomon will begin a teaching internship in Tampa and plans to pursue his master’s degree in conducting. Solomon feels prepared to graduate because of the opportunities he has had to teach music in the classroom, form lesson plans and receive feedback from his professors.

“I planned to transfer after my sophomore year, but all the professors were so kind and advocated for me to stay,” Solomon said. “Now that I am a senior here, I am glad I did stay, because I have made more friends and had more opportunities in the Music Department here, than I would have had at another institution.”

That’s how Solomon Johnson is learning His way.