Jesse Bingham is Learning His way.

Watching his four older siblings go to Florida College, Jesse Bingham understood at a young age the value of a Florida College experience. He grew up 20 minutes from the college and started taking classes his junior year of high school, so he was able to dive right into Florida College life through academics and the fine arts department.

“A valuable skill I have learned at Florida College is versatility,” Jesse said. “The ability to do so many different kind of things while I was here and be involved in so many different areas has given me little bits of growth in all of them. I would not have gained this experience if I attended a different school. “

Since becoming a full-time student, Jesse has been actively involved on campus. He became a member of Oratory Union and the chorus and was president of Psi Beta Gamma last year. These activities have allowed him to travel the country on tours and gain valuable communication skills. In addition, Jesse has grown in his roles in the fine arts department. He has starred in over 10 plays and has been given the opportunity to direct two plays.

“The most rewarding part to me are the activities I have been involved with since freshman year or even before. For example chorus, the musicals and Psi Beta were things I had been involved with since I got to Florida College,” Jesse said. “Eventually, I was able to take a leadership role in these activities and manage these groups I had always been involved with.”

In addition to his involvement on campus, Jesse is a senior pursuing a liberal studies degree with components in Bible, behavioral science, health science and great books. His hope is to become a physician assistant. He chose to pursue medicine because of his love for interacting with people and wanting to do good while building relationships with his patients. Jesse has excelled in his academics and was president of the honors society Phi Theta Kappa last year.

“I try to focus on every specific thing,” Jesse said. “When I am involved in something, I give it all my focus and then move on. I have been busy every semester, but I only regret the things I did not get to do.”

That’s how Jesse Bingham is learning His way.