Katie Thompson is living His way.

Hearing about the Florida College experience from her parents, Katie Thompson always knew she wanted to come to the college to get that experience for herself.

She grew up attending Florida College Chicagoland Camp and Florida College Indiana Camp. The experience she had at camp influenced her decision to attend Florida College.

“The phrase ‘it’s like camp but better’ was something I heard all the time growing up,” Katie said. “When I got here, I realized there were some differences too. The biggest difference is that Florida College was even better than I thought it would be.”

Katie is now a senior and has decided to pursue business administration. She is a member of the upper-division academic honor society, Alpha Chi. She has helped lead others to academic success through becoming the psychology supplemental instructor and psychology mentor. Katie is also a leader in the resident halls because she was a dorm monitor for two years and is now the resident assistant for Hinely Hall. She became close with the dorm mom, Mama B, as well as the resident girls.

“I love it.” Katie said. “I am a senior now and each year I have had such a good, sweet group of girls. There is always a room each night that I visit with and it has allowed me to get to know the younger students. It helps me stay connected.”

Her favorite way to spend time on campus is with Footlighters and the Oratory Union. She is able to travel up and down the east coast competing in events with Oratory Union. Through Footlighters, Katie has been able to be a part of all the theatrical events since she was a freshman. She hopes to incorporate these skills into her job in business administration.

“I have seen myself grow since coming to Florida College. I have used time management to find time for the important things: prayer, Bible study and teaching Bible class at my local congregation.” Katie said. “I have learned to find balance and make sure I don’t forget people, but instead reach out to them. All the relationships I have made with people like Mama B and Dr. Longstreth have made an impact on me.”

That is how Katie Thompson is living His way.

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