Shawn and Diane Bain Serve 30 Years at Florida College Kamp Kennessee

Shawn and Diane Bain have been serving Florida College Kamp Kennessee for 30 years. Both former Florida College students, the Bains began their service to Kamp Kennessee by spending two years supporting the camp as counselors and have been working as camp directors ever since.

“Every year, we are blessed to watch children come together and become friends in a safe environment to grow spiritually and socially,” Diane Bain said. “Camp gives us an avenue to share our story and what we believe Florida College can provide them when it is time to enter college.”

Through their service to Kamp Kennessee, the Bains have had the opportunity to influence the lives of countless young people. Thanks to their work, camp is a place where campers can come together and connect with others of like faith and hold on to those friends year after year. They focus on providing biblical teaching and a taste of what life at Florida College is like.

Florida College’s chief advancement officer, Martin Adams, sent his three daughters to Kamp Kennessee so they could benefit from the Bains’ good work. He believes their value to the camp and the college is far above rubies.

“Kids need a variety of role models and situations in which to grow up as a Christian,” Adams said. “We have always considered the Bains to be one of our strongest parenting partners. For our children to have the Bains year after year providing godly influence was huge for us.”

A previous camper, Coulter Wickerham, attributes his decision to attend Florida College and the experience he enjoyed there to his time at Kamp Kennessee and the efforts of the Bains. Now as a camp counselor and parent, Wickerham is glad to send his children to Kamp Kennessee.

“There is no better place I can think of to send my children each summer,” Wickerham said. “I know they are safe, I know they are learning, and I know they are loved.”

As the Bains serve the young people who come to Kamp Kennessee, they hope their campers will continue striving toward spiritual and social growth during their college years by attending Florida College. Although it is far from many of the campers’ homes, the college provides a unique opportunity to experience a camp-like environment all year.

Just like Kamp Kennessee campers, Florida College students grow spiritually, make memories and build lifelong relationships, but they are able to do that while studying an academic discipline from a biblical perspective led by highly qualified Christian professors.

“Florida College makes a difference because Florida College is different,” Shawn Bain said. “The difference with Florida College is knowing your son or daughter will be among Christian teachers. These educators prepare a student spiritually, socially, mentally and physically in a field of endeavor with a foundation of faith in a world where character is often cast aside.”

In honor of the Bains’ many years of hard work at Kamp Kennessee, an endowed scholarship fund has been set up in their name. The money raised for this fund will be used for Florida College student scholarships. To donate to the Shawn and Diane Bain Scholarship Fund, please visit

Thank you to Shawn and Diane Bain for 30 years of dedicated service to Kamp Kennessee and Florida College!

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