Jesse Roy is learning His way.

Jesse Roy came to Florida College from Hendersonville, Tennessee, to play soccer at the collegiate level, but it was the friends he made during his first two years that caused him to stay to earn his bachelor’s degree in business administration.

“Soccer was a big draw at first, but what led me to stay at Florida College was the relationships that I built,” Jesse said.

Some of the closest friendships Jesse developed at Florida College were ones he made in Boswell Hall. He has had the opportunity to live with some of his best friends, but he also met a wide variety of other Boswell residents by selling brownies after curfew.

Jesse started selling brownies to his friends in high school to earn extra money and brought his business knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit with him to Florida College as a freshman. Several times a week, he would make a batch of brownies to sell to the students returning to the dorm for curfew. His brownies were such a hit that he sold out every single night, and his sales helped him earn spending money and meet new people throughout his college career.

“In addition to providing sustenance for me,” Jesse said, “it also allowed me to integrate myself with people I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten to know.”

Getting to meet other students through his brownie sales helped Jesse get elected as the treasurer of the SBGA every year he has been at Florida College. He has also been involved in Phi Sigma Chi, PTK, Alpha Chi, Alpha Club and Camp Friends. For the last two years, he served as the Supplemental Instructor for Dr. Thaxter Dickey’s economics courses, which were Jesse’s favorite classes in college.

Both investing and personal financial planning have always been interesting to Jesse, and studying economics with Dr. Dickey has helped him pursue that passion But at Florida College, studying business-related subjects like economics, organizational leadership or strategic management is different than it might be at another institution. Students are able to learn from a biblical perspective with professors who share their faith.

“We had one class where we had to relate everything we learned to a biblical principle,” Jesse said. “You certainly wouldn’t see that somewhere else.”

As a bachelor’s degree graduate, Jesse is using what he learned both in and out of the classroom to work as a financial planner for Northwestern Mutual. He began working for that organization to complete the internship requirement in the business program and has continued on a part-time basis.

“My internship with Northwestern Mutual is the most real-world experience I’ve gotten here,” Jesse said. “That has been the biggest teacher to me as far as what the real world is going to be like.”

Jesse will begin full-time work with Northwestern Mutual at the end of the summer when he completes a tour as a Camp Friend.

That’s how Jesse Roy is learning His way.

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