Florida College Oratory Union Wins Year-End Championship

The Florida College Oratory Union won the year-end sweepstakes championship and brought home seven individual awards from the Collegiate Forensics Association, thanks to outstanding performances at tournaments throughout the team’s 2016-2017 season. The Oratory Union, led by coaches Dr. Matt Johnson and Kathleen Trigg and captains Sara Yeager and Katie Thompson, competes against schools of all sizes from along the east coast.

After taking first place in sweepstakes at the first tournament of the year, the Oratory Union remained in that position for the duration of the season. Even when the group was forced to miss a tournament or attend a tournament without the entire team, their overall scores were high enough to maintain their first-place standing.

“This was a true team effort,” Trigg said. “Every single member of the team contributed to the championship, and it was the most impressive group of first-year competitors I have ever seen.”

Many of the Oratory Union’s top competitors received individual year-end awards based on the number of points they earned at tournaments throughout the year. Jenny West won the year-end award for single dramatic interpretation and the John B. Mingus pan-interpretation award for the top performer in the five oral interpretation of literature awards categories. Jason Mallo was the season champion in dramatic duo interpretation and prose interpretation. Jenna Sink won the year-end award for informative speaking. Mikah Slatter was the season champion in communication analysis, and Adelia Harrell won the year-end award for after dinner speaking.

Several more Florida College students received second place for the year-end awards. Emily Roche was the runner up for extemporaneous speaking, and Hannah Beckley received second place in after dinner speaking. Kyle Forsyth was the runner up for dramatic duo interpretation. Jenny West was the second-place winner in prose interpretation, and Jason Mallo was also the runner up for single dramatic interpretation and the John B. Mingus pan-interpretation award.

“We’re pleased this year to have so much talent across the board,” Johnson said. “The entire team, from seniors and captains to the newest and least experienced, worked hard and produced tremendous results. We have a strong, stable program that represents the best of what Florida College has to offer.”

The Oratory Union will complete their season by representing Florida College at the International Forensic Association tournament in Lima, Peru, during spring break. Sara Yeager, Katie Thompson, Jenny West, Mikah Slatter, Jason Mallo and Tyler Henderson will be traveling with Dr. Matt Johnson and Oratory Union alumnus Austin Miller to compete in the tournament. Hannah Beckley and Jenna Sink also qualified for the international tournament but will not be traveling to compete this year.

Congratulations to the Florida College Oratory Union on an outstanding season, and good luck to those who will be competing in the international competition during spring break!

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