Hannah Henderson is living His way.

As editor of the Royal Palm Yearbook, Hannah Henderson is working closely with her staff and building relationships that will last a lifetime while preserving Florida College memories.

“I think that everybody finds their thing at Florida College,” she said. “Yearbook is my thing. When I look back or talk to my kids about my time here, that is going to be the thing that I remember.”

Hannah came to Florida College from Harrison School of the Arts in Lakeland, Florida, where she studied piano. Now as a liberal studies major with components in business and communication, she understands the importance of learning any subject. This broad-based approach to learning is the foundation of the liberal arts education offered at Florida College.

“Coming from an art school makes me appreciate the value of a liberal arts education more than other people do because the arts have been so integral in my life,” Hannah said.

That appreciation of the liberal arts makes Hannah a better student, whether she is learning about great books or how to put together a yearbook.

When she started working with the Royal Palm Yearbook during her sophomore year, Hannah had very little experience in her chosen field, design. By the end of the year, she was helping to supervise the design staff as they worked to meet their deadlines. Now as senior, Hannah serves as the editor in chief of the yearbook and works as a design intern in the college’s marketing department. No matter what Hannah is doing, she is learning everyday.

“When you’re making a yearbook, you learn how short the year is and you learn the value of time and how quickly it passes,” she said. “It is so important to take full advantage of the time you have.”

Although she has chosen to graduate with her bachelor’s degree in three years, Hannah has done her best to make the most of her time at Florida College, especially when it comes to relationships. Some of the most meaningful relationships she has had the opportunity to build have been with other members of the yearbook staff. According to Hannah, yearbook friendships begin during bootcamp the week before school starts, but they really develop in February during the publication’s crunch time.

“You come to appreciate that we really need each other,” Hannah said. “The relationships that we build here are so important for our spiritual lives more than anything else.”

Whether it is in the classroom or the yearbook room, Hannah is taking full advantage of her liberal arts education and building relationships that will last a lifetime.

That’s how Hannah Henderson is living His way.

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