Heather Donovan is living His way.

Whether she is studying to become an occupational therapist or working as resident assistant in Hinely Hall, Heather Donovan is using her time at Florida College to serve others.

Heather came to Florida College from Victoria, Texas, to be a part of the same kind of atmosphere she experienced at Florida College Texas Camp and Falcon Days.

“I chose to come to Florida College for the majority of the reasons most people do,” Heather said. “I wanted to be a part of the atmosphere and build lifelong relationships.”

Since her freshman year, Heather has been actively involved within that atmosphere. She was elected as the treasurer of the freshman class, SBGA secretary during her junior year and to the homecoming court. She is a member of Alpha Club and was recognized as Who’s Who Among American Colleges and Universities. She has worked in the Math Lab, as an SI for College Algebra and at the aftercare program at Florida College Academy.

In addition to her many extracurricular activities, Heather stays focused on academics. She is a senior in the liberal studies program with components in communication, behavioral science and physical education. After graduation, she plans to start a graduate program in occupational therapy so can serve children who struggle with basic skills like tying their shoes or writing their names.

“We take so many of the things we can do for granted,” Heather said. “I really want to work with kids and help them to have a better life.”

Heather is also serving others as a resident assistant in Hinely Hall, a residence hall made up of mostly lower-division women.

“It’s very different because almost all of the girls are freshman and sophomores,” she said. “I love it because I get to know them. There are girls I’m close to who I wouldn’t know if it wasn’t for Hinely.”

For Heather, living in Hinely Hall is like being a part of a family. She is surrounded by so many other women who love and encourage her, including the dorm supervisor, Becky Cawthon. As a resident assistant, Heather gets to spend time with “Momma B” on a regular basis after curfew each evening. But living next door to so many other Christian women is what makes her experience so unique.

“I wouldn’t change it,” Heather said. “You’re never gonna get this again, living in a dorm with this many girls.”

That’s how Heather Donovan is living His way.

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