Christina Caudill is leading His way.

Christina Caudill came to Florida College because she saw the impact the school had on her older sister, Heather Caudill (B.S. ’15), who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Christina’s own college experience has been very similar.

“I watched my sister go to Florida College, and I saw how she made friends and grew spiritually while she was here,” Christina said. “I wanted that for myself.”

Much like her sister, Christina has had the opportunity to build lifelong relationships with the people who learn and live around her. She is actively involved on campus and has served Florida College as a telecounselor and a Camp Friend. She is a member of Phi Sigma Chi and Rotaract, the college’s community service organization. This year, she is also serving as a junior class senator on the Student Body Government Association.

“During my time at Florida College, I have been encouraged to enhance my strengths and lead through planning and service especially while engaged in student body government,” Christina said.

Christina plans to graduate from Florida College with a bachelor’s degree in organizational communication one semester ahead of schedule. She is dedicated to her schoolwork and is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, one of Florida College’s academic honor societies.

“We’re told to give all things to the glory of God, and if we can’t demonstrate that determination in our school work, how will we be able to demonstrate it in any other parts of our lives?” Christina said.

The organizational communication program gives Christina the opportunity to study business and communication from both departments’ professors. Christina would like to use her organizational communication degree to serve a non-profit organization as a project manager or internal public relations coordinator.

In addition to focusing on her studies, she is also preparing for her future career by working as an administrative assistant in the marketing department at Florida College. She collaborates with students, staff and administrators for a variety of projects on a daily basis.

“The classes at Florida College have equipped me with the foundational principles I need to understand the field of communication,” Christina said. “My internship in the marketing department has provided me the opportunity to apply these principles and expound on them by giving me real life situations to work through and learn from.”

Whether on campus, in the classroom or at her internship, Christina is developing leadership skills and preparing for her future.

That’s how Christina Caudill is leading His way.

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