Jordan Mitchell, Class of 2013

Jordan Mitchell (B.A. ’13) is using what he learned at Florida College as he completes graduate school and prepares for a career in the medical field.

Jordan came to Florida College with his twin brother, Justin, after attending Florida College Florida Camp for six years. The brothers chose Florida College so they could receive a higher education with a biblical foundation. Jordan wanted to be around fellow Christians, take classes from like-minded professors and grow in a healthy environment.

“Florida College makes it clear that being a Christian takes priority, and I really appreciated that,” Jordan said.

For Jordan, being a Christian came first whether he was studying for his classes, getting involved on campus or competing with the men’s basketball team. In addition to providing a strong spiritual environment, Florida College offered Jordan a rigorous academic experience with a more personal feel. Even in Jordan’s largest science class on campus, his professor knew the names of all 15 students. He had even smaller classes as well.

“There were only four students in my first semester of organic chemistry,” Jordan said. “We were able to ask questions and learn in a way that is not offered at large universities.”

The small classes gave Jordan the unique opportunity to form close relationships with his professors and prepared him for graduate school. After graduating with his bachelor’s degree, Jordan married Alison (Bonner) Mitchell (B.S. ’12), who he met at Florida College, and began medical school at the University of South Florida. He is finishing his fourth year of graduate school and plans to graduate with his doctorate degree in April.

“Florida College prepared me for medical school in and out of the classroom,” Jordan said. “I learned the material necessary to enter school, and I learned the skills required to work with people and manage my time appropriately.”

Jordan’s time at Florida College helped him prepare not only for graduate school, but also to begin work in the medical field.