Stuart Maness is learning His way.

Studying in the business administration program at Florida College gives Stuart Maness a variety of opportunities to learn and prepare for his future career. Whether he is attending business expos, practicing his interviewing skills or networking with business professionals, Stuart takes full advantage of those opportunities.

“The business program has given me great opportunities to network and to be around professionals,” Stuart said. “I’ve been able to really learn from them and see how they handle their businesses.”

One of Stuart’s favorite networking opportunities is provided through the Distinguished Speaker Series. Each year, Florida College invites individuals who are successful in their fields to address the student body and eat lunch with upper-division students as a part of the series. Several of the most recent guests have been business professionals. Stuart especially enjoyed getting to network and learn from Brian Haskett, a former partner and executive with IBM Global Services and current vice president and practice director for application development and maintenance organization at Ciber.

When Stuart came to Florida College from Pennsylvania, he didn’t realize the number of learning opportunities that would be available to him on campus. In fact, he intended to transfer to another institution after his freshman year.

“My plan was to go to Florida College for a year and transfer,” Stuart said, “but I ended up loving the people, loving my professors and just enjoying the overall college experience more than I would anywhere else.”

As a self-proclaimed extrovert, Stuart is actively involved on campus. He has been involved with the chorus, Rotaract Club, SBGA, Sower’s Club, Alpha Club and Camp Friends. He has participated in society activities with Zeta Phi Epsilon and Phi Sigma Chi. He has also served as a telecounselor and an academic ambassador. This year, he will serve as a senior senator with the reorganized Student Body Government Association. Being involved with so many activities has allowed Stuart to build relationships with like-minded friends. He is especially grateful to be surrounded by people who all share the same goal: to serve God and get to heaven someday.

“You’re all here to serve a greater purpose, to work hard and to be a servant,” Stuart said.

Stuart has built meaningful relationships not only with his peers, but also his professors. Unlike professors at some other institutions, Florida College professors make time to get to know their students outside of the classroom. Stuart enjoys that one-on-one time and learning more about their perspectives on business and life in general.

“It’s such a blessing, and it’s so cool to see how their minds work and appreciate the motive from which they speak every time they talk to you about business,” Stuart said.

Through networking, staying involved on campus and building relationships with his peers and professors, Stuart is learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

That’s how Stuart Maness is learning His way.

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